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Even slight changes to your golf swing can have a considerable impact on your play. The same applies to your equipment. Choosing the right shaft for your driver can provide consistency, which also makes striking the center off the face less complicated.  Once matched to a golfer’s accuracy, dynamics, flexibility, and more, a fitted shaft can help a golfer make the most out of her swing. With tons of available shaft options on the market, it can be tricky to select one that can actually help level up your golf game. 

When Mitsubishi Chemical first introduced the Tensei AV Blue Shaft in 2019, they aimed for nothing but help golfers of different abilities. The Tensei AV Raw Orange ultimately provided a full range of options to make fittings much easier. They also transcend the classic, smooth bend profile of shafts in the industry.  


Still, some golfers underestimate the importance of selecting the right golf shaft, and the effect of doing so can be seen in their performance. Especially if the equipment is bought off-the-shelf, the shaft might not cohere with your specific ability and needs. Things get challenging with golf manufacturers’ varying definition of “flex”. The result is that what seem to be similar shafts could either be too flexible or too stiff. Instead of finding a “transmission” to fit your swing, you’re left adjusting the swing to accommodate the equipment – not good! 

It involves some trial and error to find a shaft that feels good to you. With too flexible shafts, you’d be more likely to hit shot patterns with inconsistent dispersion. The ball will also spin too much, and the ball’s arc will be too high. On the other hand, if your shaft is too stiff the ball won’t spin enough and the ball’s trajectory will be too low and lack distance potential. Of course, a golfer will want the happy medium. You can always turn to a professional fitter to diagnose your needs to get a shaft that strikes a good balance between control, distance, and feel. 


The original Tensei CK and CK Pro models have already wowed golfers and have landed in the bags of some of the best Tour players. With the use of “more performance-oriented materials,” these solid shafts successfully served players with the ultimate blend of feel and performance. Now, Mitsubishi has refined the original.

Get a good glimpse of how each model is designed for power and why you won’t regret fitting with one today:

  • AV Raw Blue: Mid Launch, Mid/Low Spin

If you’re eager to achieve mid-launching ball flight with a feeling of greater control and stability throughout the swing, don’t miss the AV Raw Blue shaft. By improving energy transfer, it helps you resist deformation and shaft ovaling during your swing. The lightest of its weight options boasts a Straight Flight Weighting (SFW) system that turns the club over easier through impact.

  • AV Raw White: Low Launch, Stiff-Tip

On the other hand, the Tensei AV Raw White calls out to stronger players aiming for low, penetrating ball flight and low spin. It comes in three weights, 65, 75, and 85, in Stiff, X-Stiff, and Tour XFlexes. With lower torque, this shaft brings you a firmer feel as if it’s an extension of your arm throughout impact. 

  • AV Raw Orange: Mid Trajectory, Mid Spin w/ Firm Midsection

You’ll love The Tensei AV Raw, a counterbalanced shaft that shifts the balance point towards the hands. What makes it unique from the sea of high shafts is how it gives players a chance to make specific weight adjustments. More and more golfers see how this kind of profile can benefit their numbers.  

  • Ultralight Carbon Materials

To deliver innovation and performance, Mitsubishi made a significant adjustment to Tensei’s stability and name efficiency. While resin is responsible for making the carbon fiber stick together, it can also create uneven performance in your swing. Thus, Mitsubishi’s engineers strived to improve its materials by making the shaft tighter and thinner by decreasing its resin content. The result is the Tensei AV Raw series, which provides incredibly lighter, stronger shafts. 

  • Aluminum Vapor (AV) Fiber

Feel is necessary for excellent driving play, and Tensei AV Raw Shafts are designed with aluminum vapor weave for increased stability and feel. The weave is located in the butt section, which helps in achieving the desired stiffness and EI target. Also, it is thinner and tighter than Tensei CK’s for a firm feeling and consistent performance.

You could just use a stock shaft on your diver, but you could be sacrificing performance and leaving yards on the if you do. Remember that it isn’t too late to play better golf. JD’s Clubs is ready to fit you with any Tensei AV Raw Shaft that fits your game for look, feel, and performance like no other. Visit our site or connect with our expert fitters by calling us at (763) 458-4318.

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Need a few things clearing up? Check out our Help and Advice section.
Help and Advice
Need a few things clearing up? Check out our Help and Advice section.

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