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Here’s a secret: To play better golf, you need to be as lethal as possible inside one hundred yards. You need to realize that shot effectiveness in this range impacts your score more significantly than balls hit off the tee. If you’re spending thousands of hours practicing your drive, perhaps it’s time to change something up. Simple math dictates that you can excel in your short games by ensuring you have the right wedge in your arsenal. A great wedge with well-honed wedge skills gets you in a better position relative to the putting surface and shaves points from your score. 

With tons of great, new wedges available on the market, finding the ideal wedge setup for your build and style can be tough.  Cleveland Golf, a well-known industry leader for wedges, has been defining the standards for players’ optimum performance. Cleveland Golf’s newest addition, the RTX ZipCore, is a breath of fresh air with an inside out innovation that provides a real-time level-up for your short games.   


Analyzing each aspect of your game is essential to produce lower scores. Improving your short game should be your priority, and there’s no better way than having the right wedge, with the correct shaft flex and length, to do the job. Picking wedges that save you from challenging situations could instantly make you a complete player. 

If you’re eager to mimic the pros’ outstanding wedge plays, you could get your grooves built to your playing style and specifications. A professional club fitter can ensure that you have the right setup for chipping and pitching. Expect improvements in control, distance, feel, spin, and trajectory, all in service of lower handicaps and improved scores.  


Cleveland was rightfully proud when they released RTX4 wedges called the most tour-authentic wedge ever. The company decided to tear down its flagship and spoil golfers with fresh technology and innovation. Here are some of the new Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge’s features:

  • Outstanding ZipCore Technology 

Considering the RTX’s stripped-down version, Cleveland’s engineers took its best effort to transcend from the others with its ZipCore feature. To give more forgiveness and stability, they focused on its low-density core, pushing the performance beyond any wedge in Cleveland’s history. This particular material helps shift the center of gravity and boosts High-Low MOI (moment of inertia) for unbelievable stability on the wedge face. As a result, it also puts more impact on the sweet spot, which ensures more consistent spin, feel, and distance for every shot. 

  • Sharper, Deeper UltiZip Grooves

Compared to its previous generations, the RTX ZipCore boasts new UltiZip Grooves designed for more spin and larger groove contact area. According to Cleveland, the grooves are 7.3 percent deeper and 11 percent sharper. They can cut through grass, channel debris more efficiently, and have a lot more edge contact for the consistency of shots. 

  • Incredible Durability 

To ensure that RTX ZipCore won’t wear too quickly, Cleveland also employed a new heat treatment. The process involves heating the club heads enough to rearrange its crystalline structure, which makes the entire wedge more durable. Initial testing showed that the grooves could last as much as 31 percent longer than the previous releases.

  • New Shaft

Cleveland and True Temper made a collaborative effort by introducing the Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour Issue shaft, which is perfect for RTX ZipCore wedges. The shaft won’t be the same or even close to DG spinner found in common shafts. Designed explicitly for wedge play, the Gold Spinner will help you generate tour-level stopping power and extra spin. 

  • Three Versatile Sole Grinds

Execute your best greenside feats with three sole grinds. The low sole grind features relief on heel and toe, perfect for open face shots and medium or firm conditions. The midsole will be your best ally for all-around wedge play with trailing edge relief that keeps the leading edge low for open-face shots. The last one, the full sole, features a classic design that is a massive help for bunker and rough shots. 

JD’s Clubs is recognized as one of the most reputable wedge providers in Tulsa and the surrounding communities. Trust us to get you the new RTZ ZipCore wedge and start maximizing your shot potential in short games as soon as it’s on the market. Stay tuned, and be the first in line when this becomes available at JD’s Clubs!

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Need a few things clearing up? Check out our Help and Advice section.
Help and Advice
Need a few things clearing up? Check out our Help and Advice section.

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