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Golf is a meticulous, complex sport that requires focus, sharpness, accuracy, and control. It takes skill, but you also have to have the right golf club in your hand. With JD’s Clubs’s first-ever Callaway Epic Hybrids, your best game is still ahead of you.

Different kinds of golf clubs offer features that fit different situations and kinds of play. However, if you are looking for a good golf club for a faster swing, then you should choose a hybrid. These are often used for long approaches and offer more accuracy than other clubs. 

Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing a hybrid:


Hybrid clubs have heads smaller than a fairway wood but larger than iron.

The size of the clubhead is important. It affects the chance of connecting with the club’s sweet spot. This can also affect the confidence of less experienced golfers hitting the ball.

Hybrids are typically made out of titanium and steel. They have a flat surface that makes it easier to hit the ball precisely. Also, their wider soles help reduce the chance of making a divot before making contact with the ball. The shape also increases the ability of the golfer to lift shots into the air despite slower swing speeds.

There are different kinds of hybrid clubs. They typically range from 16-27 degrees and can increase from there. When choosing hybrids, always opt for different lengths and lofts to avoid distance gap. There are actually two kinds of hybrids to choose from:

  • Hybrid woods usually replace woods of similar loft.  It is notably different from wood clubs because it is made out of a mixture of iron and wood. This makes it easier to hit in rough spots as the head design helps in hitting through the grass.
  • Hybrid irons, on the other hand, are made to replace irons and are more popular than hybrid woods. These have bigger heads than irons, which makes it easier for them to hit the ball. This also gives more control to players and increases their overall performance.

Choosing the right shaft for your club can help you to swing more consistently and give you the highest chance of striking the center of the face. 

Hybrid golf clubs usually have graphite shafts which are of the same weight or slightly heavier than a fairway wood shaft. The right one should produce a faster clubhead speed due to its graphite shaft. It also comes in different categories:

  • Regular is the most common flex and recommended for golfers with average drives of 210-240 yards at around 75-85 mph.
  • Stiff is for golfers who usually drive the ball 240-260 yards and swing speed of 83-94 mph.
  • Extra stiff is recommended for golfers who tend to drive the ball 260 yards or more with a swing speed of 93 mph or higher.
  • Senior is recommended in aiming 180-210 yards and swing speeds between 60-75 mph.
  • Ladies shaft is for slowest swinging golfers who drive the ball in less than 180 yards and below 60 mph. This is appropriate for slow swinging older males and females.

Club fitting is vital to enhancing and featuring your strengths and skills in golf. Length can make or break a golfer’s swing. Although professional golfers can easily make adjustments depending on their shaft, this is not the case for beginners. They should be given appropriate length shafts for their builds and swings.

Hybrids are equal to or slightly longer than traditional long irons but shorter than fairway woods. They tend to be easier to control and help in the consistency and accuracy of hits. Moreover, it is a great option for golfers at the utility level.

Definitely, Callaway’s Epic Hybrid is the best hybrid you can find. It is saved by the ultra-light triaxial brown crown for easy launch and longer, straighter shots. It is also strategically framed around the perimeter to concentrate weight low in the head. Its OptiFit Hosel technology lets you choose easily from eight lofts.

Finding the right club to fit both your taste and skills is important for better performance. Finding the right club for you can be extremely difficult on your own. But with a good fitter and Callaway’s Epic Hybrid, you are sure to improve your game. For our best offers and more information, visit or call us at (763) 458-4318.

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Need a few things clearing up? Check out our Help and Advice section.
Help and Advice
Need a few things clearing up? Check out our Help and Advice section.

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