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From an engineering perspective, this is the golden age of shaft design and products. In golf, shafts are more than just a display or fresh graphics in your bag. For players who have been in the golf industry for years, it is common knowledge that Fujikura produces Tour-driver and Pro series shafts for both amateur and professional golfers. Their latest creation is the all-new Fujikura Ventus, a low-spin, mid-launch shaft. Tour players love it, but Fujikura guarantees that it suits weekend warriors just as well. The shaft might even be more beneficial for beginners than golfers who play for pay.


Over the years, golf engineers have designed shafts from ultra-high modulus fiber, which tends to feel stiff and firm through impact. Fujikura is different. The company’s engineering team made the shaft thickest in the grip section. This is to enhance the feel, but the shaft flexes throughout the transition from backswing to downswing. Its innermost layer is a multi-material core that consists of premium carbon fiber that runs along the full length of the shaft. Moreover, the Ventus’s stiff tip, which limits clubhead twisting on off-center hits, is due to the additional carbon fiber layers that cover specific angles. Based on Fujikura’s test shots, the added layers result in a solid shaft that produces tighter dispersion and higher energy transfer from club to golf ball compared to other products.      


Not all golf shafts have similar builds. Recently, Fujikura unveiled its latest shaft – the Ventus model. Here are a few things to know about the all-new Fujikura Ventus golf shaft:

Fact #1: Etymology

The term Ventus means “wind” in Latin, while it represents fierce storm winds in Greek mythology. You probably see where this is going: engineers of Fujikura Ventus built the shaft for speed, swing, and power.

Fact #2: All-new VeloCore Technology

For 2019, Fujikura utilized VeloCore Technology to provide ultimate stability at impact and through transition, increasing control and tightening dispersion. The term “Velo” is short for velocity, while “Core” means… core. What it conveys is that that the shaft has a high-tech core that boosts velocity and maximizes the moment of inertia and ball speed of the clubhead through the reduction of twist while swinging.

Fact #3: Drive Shaft Options

The Ventus product line has ten driver shafts for golfers with a wide range of abilities and swing speeds. These shafts have different weights ranging from 56 to 86 grams, different flex (regular, stiff, extra-stiff, R2), and different torque (4.0° to 2.8°). Moreover, these help eliminate excessive spin and deliver more speed and longer ball flight.

Fact #4: Enhanced Feel and Shaft Loading

Aside from the VeloCore Technology, Fujikura’s engineers designed Ventus with an ultra-stiff tip section for lower spin and reduced twist and an accelerated taper butt section for maximum energy transfer throughout a golfer’s swing. When combined, it produces mid-launching, stable, and low-spinning flight to power your fairway wood and driver.

Fact #5: Enso® 3D Motion-Capture System

Fujikura began developing Enso® more than a decade ago and completed the system in 2013. It utilizes three-dimensional eight motion-capture cameras to track the motion of the entire golf swing in 723 frames per second and to produce the most precise club fitting system. According to the COO of Fujikura, Enso is the first solution to measure the deflection of the golf shaft before impact and to show the golfers if the club head or shaft has a negative or positive effect on their swing efficiency in a split second.   

With several Fujikura authorized dealers across the globe, test-driving the new Ventus driver shaft is a snap. It was tested on Tour for several months before its release. The Ventus provides a softer butt section and stiffer tip to give golfers a better feel and more control, respectively. Moreover, it can launch slightly higher compared to Fujikura’s Atmos Black due to the combination of the stiffer tip section and softer mid and butt section. If you are in the neighborhood of Minnesota, it is best that you go through a proper fitting to determine if the Fujikura Ventus suits your style. You can check out JD’s Clubs and work with a professional club fitter in the area. Schedule an appointment or call (763) 458-4318 to test-drive Ventus today!

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Need a few things clearing up? Check out our Help and Advice section.

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