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Golf is already a challenging game. It requires strength, time, dedication, and often money to master. So, why make it harder by using the wrong equipment – namely, the wrong shaft? The reality is that golfers tend to skip getting fitted and settle for off-the-rack shafts, ones their friends recommend, or whatever Tiger Woods uses. Instead of confidence from solid hits, the shaft gave you frustration from slices off the tee or loss of loft and control. 

Keep in mind that you have a different profile from your friend or your favorite pro player. What works for them and gave them a shining 80 won’t guarantee the same results for you. How you play your game matters. That’s why having a shaft that fits your swing is something you can’t ignore if you want to improve or even excel. Just as you go to a doctor when you’re ill, turn to a golf expert if your game needs help. Your equipment should be your ally. Don’t let it rob you of yards.

The next time you visit a pro shop or your favorite local store, invest in a professional club fitting. You’ll save money in the long run by using clubs that fit your frame and style early on instead of using trial and error. Make your games easier and enjoy golf more than yesterday by exploring the benefits of customization today! 


Are you endlessly compensating on your swings? Is ball flight on your hits too high, or do you get inconsistent shot dispersion? Perhaps you notice that even on perfect swings you’re just not getting the distance you expect. The shaft may also feel stiff or heavy, too weak or soft. You may also observe that you’re getting less energy transfer, causing the ball to only get minimum distance. These are telltale signs that you’re using a shaft that doesn’t suit your needs.

Variables such as flex, weight, length, loft, torque, grip, etc., all impact a shaft’s performance. There are no industry standards for these descriptors. Every golfer is a little different. Shafts, like other golf equipment, have different profiles. One company’s “stiff” might just be a “regular” for the other. All of these can be overwhelming, especially for an everyday golfer. Luckily, you can customize, and there are clubfitters who can help you do it right.  


Once only a luxury for tour professionals, custom shafts are now widely available to amateur players. You don’t need to be Bryson DeChambeau to enjoy golf more! You can play your best games by ensuring you have the right shaft in your arsenal. A proper fitting should lead to a noticeable change in the feel, playability, and overall performance of the club. 

Start unleashing your full potential by exploring custom shafts today: 

Fits your swing

A shaft bought off the rack won’t allow you to be all that you can be compared to a set tailored to your swing. A custom shaft will help novice golfers fill gaps and eliminate poor shots. Advanced golfers will quickly see obvious progress toward perfecting the shots they want. 

Boosts confidence

With better distance and accuracy coming from custom fit shafts, you will get the confidence you need to shave strokes off of your score. You won’t magically drop to 85, but a club fitter will help you avoid serious mishits and help you enjoy the game more.  

Saves you money in the long run

While custom built shafts might be more expensive than stock off the rack, the cost is very rewarding. You can ensure that your equipment is perfect for your game and performance without worrying about replacing them frequently after a while.  

Takes advantage of the latest golf technology

Technology changes quickly in golf, and important changes come in just about every generation of clubs. Your fitter will know what new technology may fit your swing the best.  

Helps you play better golf

Custom shafts benefit players of all ability levels. With the right model, set composition, type, length, and more, lowering your scores is much easier. Custom shafts can also help compensate for or even prevent bad habits and swing flaws you can develop from ill-fitted equipment. 

JD’s Clubs will be on your side in your search for the best shaft to help you and your game. We offer some of the best fitting services around, and we can match these incredible shafts with our top-of-the-line club heads to ensure a build with exceptional tolerance. Find out how you can get your own custom shafts to achieve your true potential today. Visit our website or reach out to our expert club fitters today at (763) 458-4318.  

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Need a few things clearing up? Check out our Help and Advice section.
Help and Advice
Need a few things clearing up? Check out our Help and Advice section.

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