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Golfers often shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the right equipment. An essential addition to a player’s golf bag is the wedge. It is a short iron with the most loft and design to hit the ball high and land it onto the green gently. Amature and professional golfers use a wedge to lower their scores and get their balls out of the rough. One of the top-notch golf wedge manufacturers in the industry today is the Cobra Golf.

Delivering high-performance and quality products to avid golfers is what they know for. They have recently updated their King Wedge line with the new Cobra King MIM Wedges. It features a fully Metal-Injection-Molded 304 stainless steel head construction. It embodies highly intricate shapes that deliver precision shaping and thickness controls. Thus, it promotes genuinely exceptional performance in a specialty wedge.


For several years, equipment manufacturers have used a Metal-Injection-Molding (MIM) process. This is to create a finely-shaped product that fits inside confined spaces. The most common metal to undergo this process is Tungsten. Engineers have recently put tungsten into better iron heads to increase durability without enlarging the overall golf club. Cobra has created a new manufacturing technique to increase consistency of clubs. It enhances greenside shots and improves the performance of its grooves and surface-roughening analysis.

Most golf players – initiated and professional – often used wedges to hit perfect shots. This result in players wanting a club that can provide much comfort. To address the demands of professionals and tenured golf players, Cobra engineers decided to develop the company’s newest wedges in a unique way. They utilized robots to do the needed work instead of humans in the factory to improve the consistency of the product. To create more spin, Cobra CNC mills grooves into each King MIM wedge.

Unlike the forged wedges, MIM manufacturing reduces the amount of post-process polishing. Previously, there was a heavy dependence on skilled machinists to grind persistent wedge shapes by hand. The engineers from Cobra create each of the wedges with the use of a mixture of 304 stainless steel metal powder, which is heated and injected into a mold. In the sintering process, the metal heats at a higher temperature (1340°C vs. 1200°C), resulting in a more even grain design than forged and cast wedge. It also has the softest feel that the industry has ever seen.

Moreover, being the first metal injection molded wedges, the KING MIM Wedges are the first in golf to utilize a fully robotic polishing development. This is where the robot is pre-programmed to polish each wedge to exact specifications; a sharp comparison to the variability found in the traditional manual hand-polishing process. It is a fully automated process that eliminates variance in head thickness and weight. It creates more precise grind shapes and more predictable bounce in each wedge.


The slots in the stronger-lofted wedges are narrower and more intelligent. It is like the grooves in irons, because golf players typically use these golf clubs from the fairway and rough on advanced shots. Here are the technologies behind the Cobra MIM Wedges which makes it a top-of-the-line option for golfers:

The Dynamic Spin Technology

The progressive groove shapes of the CNC are better tailored to improve your shot consistency according to the degree of loft each wedge is designed for.

Premium Finishing Chrome

The chrome plating delivers long-lasting durability and offers a classic aesthetic.

All-around Tour Wedge Grind

This grind provides an additional toe-relief for excellent versatility.  You can quickly access the face to put away a delicate flop or close the front to hit a run and bump if needed.

Cobra Connect

The Arccos system powers the Cobra Connect feature of the Cobra King MIM Wedges. This features electronically enabled Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. It works with the Arccos Caddie application which provides golfers the ability to track their wedge statistics and identify their performance so they can practice and improve their play.

Radial CNC Milling Pattern

The circular grinding pattern maximizes the spin of the ball on softer shots where it does not go deep into the grooves. Moreover, the position of the radial milling pattern is calculated to assist golfers in identifying the sweet spot to burr their wedges.  

Cobra King offers KING MIM Wedge in a wide array of degree lofts in Versatile Grind including 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60. The company released the product line last April 12, 2019, with a retail price of $149 per wedge. To learn more about the newest Cobra King MIM Wedges and all of the innovative products of Cobra this 2019, you can check out JD’s Clubs or drop us a call at (763) 458-4318.

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Help and Advice
Need a few things clearing up? Check out our Help and Advice section.

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