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When choosing a new iron set or any golf equipment to add to your bag, you probably have a list of considerations. One is, “would I overspend or underspend?” and, of course, the never-ending debate of whether to go after the club’s looks or it’s performance. Results and birdies are all that matter to many, while there are a few wishing to own clubs that look good to the eye when sitting behind the ball. At the end of the day, both boil down to wanting the best looking and worth the money spent such as the buying the new Srixon ZX Irons. 

Srixon’s new Z.X. irons prove they also deserve to be the talk of the town (the world!). Srixon’s engineers combined BEAUTY and POWER to check all the boxes you desire for a new iron set to boast on greens. With the advancement in materials and design, the playability benefits Tour players and all who wish to improve their current gameplay. 


The Srixon’s Z85 iron line, namely Z85, Z785, and Z U85 were undeniably underappreciated after its release. That has nothing to do with the product’s performance but a very competitive market where golfers only favored specific golf brands. Due to the company’s determination to be the best, they progressively earned the trust of many, including clubfitters. In fact, their new products are highly anticipated, especially the design and technology improvements they inject with their irons.  

For years now, Srixon had been perfecting their ability to create forged player irons that also deliver incredible performance benefits – and the new ZX series is just another great upshot. Using A.I. optimization, they successfully crafted hotter faces, which helps deliver more speed. On the other hand, the forged construction provides an incredible feel at impact while the varying grooves are made to gain consistent distance control. Both ZX5 and ZX7 ultimately aim to help golfers lower the handicap spectrum. 


It’s been two years since the release of Srixon’s famous Z85 line and they decided that it’s time to make something even better. Their people are driven by innovation. So when they say better, they mean it! 

Below are five exciting features that set the new ZX Irons apart from those of market leaders’: 

Mainframe Design: More Speed & Greater Distance

Srixon is proud to introduce their new Z.X. irons. The mainframe is that one-of-a-kind face design responsible for the irons’ ability to increase ball speed and distance. This design also helps maximize COR, or that “spring-like effect” adding to that speed attribute. It is the combined effort of their engineers and software that they have developed their fastest irons yet.

Tour V.T Sole: Improved Impact Feel & Smoother Turf Interaction

The Tour V.T. Sole is a unique feature of new Z.X. irons that help stop the club from digging excessively. The V-Shape sole glides smoothly through the turf, even if you try striking it behind the ball. The result is an unmatched impact feel you love on your irons. ZX5, specifically, features heel and toe sole natches that enhance workability without sacrificing forgiveness.

 Progressive Grooves: Shots Consistency

Every golfer understands that consistency plays a huge part in an iron play. To experience consistent yardage gaps, enough spin, distance and launch are needed as you move through lofts – the new Z.X. irons are made for that! The grooves in the 8i through P.W. of ZX5 and ZX7 irons are deeper, narrower, and sharper. These are just perfect for helping you cut through debris and grass on approach shots. 

 Tour Cavity: Increased Workability & Forgiveness

Srixon’s Tour Cavity construction places mass where it is needed for improved feel and acoustics. This significant change assists in creating a soft feel, off-center strikes, and the sort of workability demanded by most golfers, especially Tour players. 

 Multi-Piece Construction: Increased MOI

Srixon’s engineers put high-density tungsten in ZX5’s and ZX7’s long and mid irons to increase the club’s MOI. You can also observe consistent spin, speed, and invaluable stability to off-center shots with increased MOI. The iron’s forged 1020 Carbon Steel body also absorbs vibration at the impact that helps improve the overall feel. 

Boasting an impressive technology under the hood and killer finish, the new Srixon Z.X. irons simply know the way. The golf brand is taking over the PGA tour with more and more players making the switch. Are you ready to hop in? Learn more about how to be first in line when Z.X. irons become available at JD’s Clubs

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Need a few things clearing up? Check out our Help and Advice section.
Help and Advice
Need a few things clearing up? Check out our Help and Advice section.

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