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Why the Callaway Epic Flash Driver Is the Best Driver You Can Have?

Why the Callaway Epic Flash Driver Is the Best Driver You Can Have?

Callaway is an American golf company that has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing global sporting goods and accessories for years. It is a sought after brand by golfers in over 70 countries, and it has been topping the lists of the most trusted and popular golf brands in the market for years. Countless professional players have put their trust in the brand and recommend it. That is why it is not surprising that aspiring golf players seek Callaway golf clubs.

They have also been working hard to develop the best driver technology. With their “jailbreak” technology, in which two titanium bars connects the sole and crown, Callaway has released a lot of exceptional drivers over the years. However, none can stand up to the Callaway Epic Flash driver.

What Makes The Callaway Epic Flash Driver Great?

Callaway spent over five million U.S. dollars a supercomputer to design the Callaway Epic Flash driver. That computer made thousands and thousands of designs, each better than the next. The computer learns from its mistakes and integrates what it learns into new designs. The result is the Epic Flash Driver. The driver was finally released for public use on February 1st of 2019. Golfdigest.com rated the Epic Flash Driver the best driver for 2019.

The Epic Flash Driver has integrated the past innovations of Callaway drivers such as the Epic and the Rogue into one design to produce the best one yet. The Epic driver was praised for its speed but had the disadvantage of being unforgiving if the user failed to swing well. While the Rouge driver was able to resolve this issue, some were unpleased with its performance and design. Considering these factors brought up by the previous two driver designs, the Callaway was not only able to handle the issues it even made sure to improve on them in the Epic Flash. You will find excellent reviews all over the internet with regards to this driver. Look at the numbers: It has five stars across the review boards and a high volume of sales for such a short period on the market. The Callaway Epic Flash Driver costs $529 in the USA, £499 in the UK, and €579 in the rest of Europe.

Here are the key features of the Callaway Epic Flash Driver that makes it a must buy for Golf enthusiasts:

•    Their Newest Flash Face and Jailbreak Technology For increased Ball Speed

The sophisticated architecture of the Epic Flash Driver was created with the use of artificial intelligence. It has optimized the results from thousands of trials to develop a driver that produces more speed than ever before.

•    Adjustable Perimeter Weighting for Control

The new driver benefits from adjustable perimeter weighting. Golfers can position the sliding weight anywhere on the built-in track at the rear of the club head in order to promote draws, fades, or straighter flight.

•    The Design Looks Fresh, Yet Professionally Made

With this driver, the look of your golf club will remain professional but at the same time edgy and fresh. The laser-etched designs on it give the club a modern feel.

These are just three of the countless ways the Callaway Epic Flash Driver is superior to all other drivers on the market.

Why you should get the Callaway Epic Flash Driver at JDS Clubs?

A golf enthusiast started JD’s Clubs for golf enthusiasts.  The company has earned trust over its years of experience building custom golf clubs and selling top-notch golf merchandise. JD’s clubs has become a respected top choice for consumers and manufacturers alike. So, before the stock runs out, find out how you can get your own Callaway Epic Flash Driver today. You may contact us at (763) 458-4318 or visit our website to learn more: www.jdsclubs.com.

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