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Why Cobra’s New King Forged Tec Irons Deserve a Spot in Your Bag
featured image of the blog titled "Why Cobra’s New King Forged Tec Irons Deserve a Spot in Your Bag"

Why Cobra’s New King Forged Tec Irons Deserve a Spot in Your Bag

Cobra Golf has always been about taking their game to the next level and pushing the limits of speed and technology. When they released the King Forged Tec Black Irons in 2018, the feedback was nothing but positive. Golfers all over the world commended their high performance and design. 

Fast forward to late 2019. Most US golfers were hanging up their clubs and looking forward to the PGA show in January. Cobra took advantage of this lull in the golf world and grabbed the opportunity to release their new premium irons — the King Forged Tec irons in standard and ONE length variations.

Cobra has attempted to fit these irons to a wider range of players by packing a player’s model profile with game-improvement technology. You may find the Forged TEC irons extremely traditional-looking, but don’t be fooled. A huge amount of new-age technology hides inside these irons– technology that gives players a powerful combination of forgiveness, feel, and distance.

What to Expect with the New King Forged TEC Irons

When Cobra released the latest King Forged TEC irons, the reaction of both online and offline golf aficionados included a long string of fire emojis. Aesthetically, Cobra nailed the sophisticated look of the irons with its subtle mix of a finished black and silver color palette. The top line of the iron is a little thinner than an average iron, while the blade size is somehow just right.

Cobra engineers wanted to pack the King Forged TEC irons with as much technology as possible to create the right blend of appealing shape and technology. They manipulated each of the irons to match the length and weight of a 7-iron.  

Moreover, Cobra also adjusted the lie angles to maximize ball flight in a ONE Length set configuration. The long irons use more upright lie angles, while the shorter irons have a slightly flatter lie angle to deliver a more consistent ball trajectory and flight. Remember that lighter long iron shafts are easier to launch with, while heavier wedge shafts offer more control into and around the green. 

The Upgrades That Can Improve Your On-Course Performance

Cobra created premium King Forged TEC irons for distance and playability with better golfers in mind. What performance upgrades can you expect with these new irons? 

Hollow-Body Design

Cobra has now joined the slew of companies releasing irons with a hollow head construction. You may not notice it, but the classic, muscle-back shape of the new King Forged TEC irons conceal a hollow internal cavity. Cobra decided to add a hollow core to produce a low CG (center of gravity) for more ball speed, maximized distance and launch, and a lot of forgiveness. 

Foam-Infused Core

Under the hood, the hollow core has ”energizing foam microspheres.” Those are foam spheres that expand toward the head to soften the feel at impact and deliver a more pleasing sound. It also supports the PWRShell face, which increases ball speed. 


The King Forged Tec and King Forged Tec One Length irons have a GPS sensor inside the butt end of the grip called Cobra Connect. Using the Arccos Caddie app on your smart device, Cobra Connect can help you track the distance and accuracy of every shot you hit. This feature allows you to keep an eye on your stats to further improve your game. 

Tungsten Weighting

In previous muscle back iron models, Cobra placed the metal-injection-molded tungsten toe weight in the heel section. But with the new King Forged TEC irons, the engineers added the tungsten weight inside the cavity to shift the center of gravity behind the hitting zone of the face. The added weight can help you maximize distance and hit shots with more accuracy, even when your strikes are slightly off-center. 

Forged PWRShell Face Technology

PWRShell Face Technology is the final piece of the equation. Cobra engineers updated the forged face design in this model by adding a new, thinner face insert to produce a higher launch and faster ball speeds. 

Despite being late joiners in the hollow-body-irons trend, Cobra is among the leaders. From the sophisticated look of the King Forged TEC irons to its high-performance technology and reasonable price, there is no doubt that Cobra deserves lots of credit.

If you want to get your hands on these total-package-irons, grab them at JD’s Clubs today and tell us what you think!

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