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Why Are Mitsubishi’s MMT™ Woods a JD’s Club’s Year-End Shocker
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Why Are Mitsubishi’s MMT™ Woods a JD’s Club’s Year-End Shocker

There are plenty of “good” golfers, but for those that really love it, the game demands greatness. The ticket evolving from good to great play is often in the golfer’s bag where great equipment has been matched to the player’s game. Organizing your bag and working with the finest arsenal such as Mitsubishi’s MMT™ Woods can play a huge role in your progression.

Revamping your on-field performance starts long before you step up to the tee; it begins at the time you choose your club’s shaft.

When it comes to shafts, Mitsubishi’s are on par with any other manufacturer’s, and its new, lighter, thinner Metal Mesh Technology (MMT™) shafts confirm it. Higher speed swingers, especially, will love this new technology.  

Are Mitsubishi’s MMT™Thinner, Lighter Shafts Better?

Using a more optimal shaft gives you more consistent ball and club head contact. Every golfer wants to improve his accuracy to hit for longer distances. A lighter, thinner shaft will give you a better grip, making you feel every swing better.

MMT™ technology maximizes the steel performance of a shaft. As fibrous materials are assembled into the shaft’s core, a segment of unique Metal Mesh is integrated toward the tip. The Metal Mesh enhances a wood’s density and stability. It also permits the construction of a thinner than normal shaft.

Optimized shafts also swing faster. The faster the club head moves through impact, more energy is transferred to the ball, causing it to travel further.  

What Makes Mitsubishi’s MMT™ Woods Different?

Mitsubishi Chemical’s all-new irons-centric technology aims to explore the potential of composite iron shaft construction. This manufacturing process enables a more precise distribution of flex throughout the shaft.

The integration of MMT adds weight to swings, which in turn gives the players more stability. To give players more options, Mitsubishi will soon release a new collection of MMT™ Woods.

MMT™ Woods are known as the lighter version of MMT™ Irons. This technology focuses on bringing the performance benefits of MMT to drivers and fairway woods. 

Here are just a few reasons that the MMT™ should be your next go-to shaft:

Power and Force

One of the most vital things about shafts is how they handle the force that a user applies. Optimized shafts will enable you to transfer more energy to the ball with faster swings. 


MMT provides stability, which translates into a satisfying, clean feel. Every player wants to get a good grip on their swing, and this is exactly what the metal mesh applied in the grip section does. The combined strength of steel and carbon provides more consistent launch and spin. This translates to increased control and confidence on your shots. 

Size and Weight

MMT Woods give players more options for size and weight. Since MMT integration made swings heavier. Even with less weight, MMT Woods still provide the same benefits as MMT Irons. It is also an advantage to have a smaller size swing but with more weight. It gives the players the ability to shape and control shots that a heavier shaft would provide.


The MMT’s hundreds of stainless steel strands were braided to put up the Metal Mesh, resulting in high responsiveness. 

Faster Swings 

Less weight enables players to swing faster, which means longer drives.  

JD’s Clubs is a well known, trusted golf shaft reseller. We embrace innovation to serve our customers well. If you’re ready to level up your drive with an MMT driver or fairway wood, visit our website or call us at (763) 458-4318 when it becomes available!

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