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Which Putter from the Toulon Stroke Lab Putter Series is best for you?

Which Putter from the Toulon Stroke Lab Putter Series is best for you?

Quick question: Is your putter helping you shave strokes off your score or only hurting your game?

Putters are one of the least fitted pieces of equipment in a golfer’s bag. If you decide to purchase off-the-rack putters, there’s no guarantee that it will drop your score. Putting is, without a doubt, the most challenging yet most rewarding part of a golf game. It separates beginners from pros, so if you want to lower your score, take your putter to the green and practice. 

Of course, not all putters are created equal. But with the sea of putters available in the market today, which one best fits your gameplay? This is where the Toulon Design Stroke Lab Putters come in. 

How the Stroke Lab Putter Series Changed the Game

Once upon a time, putter manufacturers didn’t have to do much to succeed. There just wasn’t enough competition in the market. Today, however, it’s time to say goodbye to the off-the-rack putter market. Toulon Design has arrived at the party. 

Four years ago, Toulon Design began to create the best-milled putters in the world. While launching a putter brand in the top-tier category is challenging, Toulon has gotten off on the right foot. Their putters have made the rest of the market step up their game. 

Toulon Design has been making beautiful versions of traditional putter shapes. Combining craftsmanship and technology, they came up with a premium putter line that shines in aesthetic appeal and performance – the Stroke Lab Putter series. The features of the product line aim to address a common weakness when putting: inconsistency. 

Toulon Design’s Stroke Lab putters have different models with plenty of head styles designed to fit different types of strokes. It includes blades (Madison, Columbus, Austin, Long Island, and San Diego) and face-balanced mallets (Memphis, Atlanta, and Indianapolis). Each putter features the new Deep Diamond Mill face pattern across the face of each of the 303v soft stainless steel heads. The design channels the impact vibration away from your ears for a slightly softer yet crisp, solid sound with a good feel.

Which Putter Should You Include in Your Golf Bag?

Here are five out of nine Toulon Stroke Lab putters that can make you rethink everything you know about putters. Ladies and gentlemen, choose your weapon:

  • San Diego Stroke Lab Putter

Masterfully crafted from solid blocks of stainless steel, the San Diego Stroke Lab Putter is a combination of intelligent design, advanced performance, technology, and beautiful shaping. It offers some forgiveness, but it still demands a great stroke and quality contacts if you want to make putts. For its looks, the basic shape of San Diego has an excellent medium thickness topline and more squared lines that maintain the head’s smooth overall look.

  • Odyssey Toulon Design Atlanta Putter

For players who want to experience maximum feel from their gear, the Atlanta Putter is a smart choice. It has a diamond-shaped pattern across the face for a satisfying sound and feel, and it also channels vibration. Moreover, this putter offers you a choice of installing different counterbalance grips (aggressive release series – 25 grams and moderate release series – 50 grams) for more control and consistency. 

  • Toulon Design Indianapolis Putter

Odyssey’s never-ending quest to create the best performing putter led to the development of the Indianapolis putter. It has a visually arresting aesthetics and tremendous forgiveness that can take your game to the next level. With its unique shape and construction from different materials, even mishits can hold their line and get to the cup. 

  • Toulon Design Memphis Putter

Memphis serves as an inspiration for this multi-material mallet, which is itself magnetically charming and uniquely soulful, like the city. The deep diamond milled face feature can keep the ball rolling at impact – even after the hit, expect the roll to look tight. It also delivers a sweet, crisp sound at impact, which gives it a solid feel. 

  • Toulon Design Austin Putter

Some golfers compare the Toulon Austin with the Scotty Cameron putter. With its 45-degree toe hand, it is an ideal putter for golfers who have a slight to moderate stroke arc. The Toulon Design Austin Putter is a high-quality putter with a price tag to match. There is also a pre-installed Aluminum sole plate on the putter, which adds weight to the head. 

Putting is a game of confidence. But if you’re struggling with your putting, the unique weighting and balance of the Toulon Stroke Lab Putter is worth “putting” in your bag. Learn more about the exclusive head styles and finishes of the premium putter line in JD’s Clubs!

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