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Which Online Dealer has the Best Price for King MIM Wedges?

Which Online Dealer has the Best Price for King MIM Wedges?

Wedges serve a very specific purpose in a game, and no bag is complete without one. 

In the past, different golf manufacturers have developed wedges to solve common issues experienced by golf players. They designed the equipment with the highest lofts, shortest shafts, and the most substantial weight among club heads. One of the leading golf brands in the industry known for its high-performance premium product line is the Cobra King. They recently updated their already-quality King Wedge line with the King MIM Wedge. They’re nice, and they work, but they don’t come cheap. So, nobody can blame a golfer for looking for the best price online for King MIM Wedges.

Meet the COBRA KING MIM Wedge

Wedges are short irons with the most lofts designed to precisely hit the ball high and gently land it on the greens. Experts recommend using a wedge to lift the ball out of a hazard or during situations that require short-ranged sharp shots.  Most golf players carry at least one wedge in their bags. 

When discussing wedges, the conversation revolves around the CG location, groove technology, grinds, and bounce options. But with the King MIM Wedge, Cobra believes that it has undergone a more superior method of production. While it appears similar to its competition in some ways, it really is unlike any other wedge to come before it.

The COBRA King MIM Wedge has a newly featured metal injection molded (MIM) head. With this new technology, your golfing game will improve through the precision and control that its shape and thickness provide. The KING MIM Wedge gives you the softest, most precise wedge produced by Cobra. Moreover, engineers from Cobra specifically designed the King MIM Wedge for golfers to use it when faced with tight lies, bunkers, and deep roughs. It is crafted to fit every type of golf player from beginners to the professional.

Why the Cobra King MIM Wedges are Unique and Beneficial

As the industry’s first metal injection molded (MIM) wedge made from 304 stainless metal powder, Cobra King MIM wedges are unlikely any wedge you have ever seen before. While some naysayers might say that MIM is only a fancy term for a club with a cast, metal injection molding provides all the beneficial properties of forging despite using a casting process. Moreover, it represents an essential advantage in wedge manufacturing. It is by delivering the most precise shape possible for an exceptional feel in every MIM wedge produced. 

What else makes it unique?

Advanced Polishing Technology

In the past, golf manufacturers depended heavily on the skills of the individual worker in grinding wedge shapes by hand. Touching it the wrong way with an inexperienced grinder can ruin the head in no time. Cobra took the process into the 21st century and reduced the period allotted in post-process polishing with the use of a pre-programmed robot to polish each wedge to exact specifications. 

Metal Injection Molding Process

Another unique characteristic of the King MIM Wedge that sets it apart from another wedge is its softer feel due to the Metal Injection Molding process (MIM) which uses 304 stainless steel powder and a polymer binder. Cobra uses a sintering process that heats the metal twelve percent hotter than the usual forging heat requirement. The result is a denser metal structure that has the softest feel in the industry.

Versatile Sole Grind

Aside from the softer feel and perfect shaping for a pure shot, Cobra also equips King MIM Wedges with the company’s “Versatile” sole grind inspired by Rickie Fowler’s custom ground wedges on Tour. It features a soft leading edge and additional toe relief to maximize shot versatility to keep the leading edge in all turf conditions. 

You can pick from the vast selection of wedges made from a variety of materials, degrees, and weights. But if you are on a tight budget and in search of the best, why not check out the best price online for King MIM Wedges at JD’s Clubs? If you can find a lower price from another dealer, we can match it. Shop at our online store today and get the King MIM Wedge for the best price around.  

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