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What’s New With Toulon Design’s Las Vegas and Azalea Putters?

What’s New With Toulon Design’s Las Vegas and Azalea Putters?

One area of golf that can cause severe stress to players is putting. Most golfers practice their golf strokes on putting greens which simulate the grass on golf courses. Some players often disregard the importance of choosing the right putter that fits their game. One of the most well-known putter designers in the industry today is Toulon Design, Odyssey’s newly-added putter house that was once one of Callaway’s fiercest competitors.

The engineers and designers from Toulon created this year’s putters in keeping with Odyssey’s vision of delivering premium quality golf clubs with the finest materials. Toulon Design offers a diverse range of head and neck styles and varying amounts of toe hang to satisfy the visual preferences and stroke type of golfers. Two of the latest offerings in the collection are again named for American cities — Las Vegas and Azalea. Each putter features a different head type but incorporates similar specifications and technology that help smooth out the stroke of players. So, how can the new Las Vegas and Azalea Toulon Design putters contribute to your next game on the greens?

What Putter To Get For Your Next Game?

There are several putters available in the market today that come in different designs and head shapes. Blade putters and mallet putters are two common putter styles which suit a particular putting stroke. Blade putters have larger club heads in a broad array of shapes including square back and half circle. Their weight is in the clubface, but due to its extended club head the weight shifts to help stabilize the putter during a stroke.

Meanwhile, a blade putter sports a more straightforward design and traditional aesthetic. Although it has a straight blade-style club head and slender body, many Tour players consider it their favorite weapon. In the case of the Las Vegas and Azalea putters, each has a different head type for various purposes. The Las Vegas putter has a mallet-type head, while the Azalea putter features a blade-type club head.

What To Know About the New Toulon Design Putters?

Toulon Design’s Azalea and Las Vegas Putters have a blend of expert craftsmanship, high-quality materials, performance-driven design, pleasing shape, and advanced performance technology. Aside from the aforementioned putters, there are several putters from the same putter boutique that embrace a back story and are named after a city or a region.

Here are some of the Toulon Design’s classic putters:

Azalea Stroke Lab Putter

Odyssey’s Toulon Design Azalea Stroke Lab Putter is a blade-style putter that features a premium milled blade with a multi-material Stroke Lab Shaft and new Charcoal Smoke finish for an appealing look. It also uses a deep cross-hatch groove across the entire face which controls sound and feel through vibration channeling. Meanwhile, the Stroke Lab shaft can help golfers achieve incredible tempo and consistency.

Las Vegas Stroke Lab Putter

Another exceptionally-crafted new putter design from Odyssey is the Toulon Las Vegas Stroke Lab Putter. It has a mallet-style head type with high MOI for accuracy and stability. In general, the engineers and designers from Toulon Design created the Stroke Lab Putter collection to help improve the golfer’s stroke and make it easy to repeat the same smooth stroke each time.

San Diego Stroke Lab Putter

The shape milling and finish of the San Diego putter line embody what high-quality piece means. Its Charcoal Smoke finish looks high-end and reduces glare in the brightest conditions. On the golf course, the Deep Diamond Mill allows the ball to roll quickly with minimal hop which delivers consistent distance control.

Austin Stroke Lab Putter

The Austin putter from Toulon has a classic blade-style head design and heel and toe weighting for stability and consistency of ball direction, backswing time, and ball speed. It has a timeless look due to its rounded edges and steep bumpers. Moreover, it features a 45-degree toe hang which works for golfers who have moderate arcs in their putting stroke.

Memphis Stroke Lab Putter

The city of Memphis, which manifests unique soul music and vivacious culture, serves as an inspiration for the Toulon Design Memphis putter. It is a traditional mallet head type with exceptional flavor and magnetically charming aesthetics. The Memphis has a firmer feel, while its impact sound is louder compared other blade-style putters.

Toulon Design has taken on the challenge to develop the best-milled putters on the planet. To achieve such an undertaking, the engineers and designers developed the Odyssey Toulon Design Collection to provide golfers an incredibly soft feel in classic shapes. Upgrade your game with the high-quality putters from the Toulon Design Collection from JD’s Clubs! You can get the latest Las Vegas and Azalea putters by calling us at (763) 458-4318.

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