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What’s New with the Latest Fujikura Ventus Golf Shafts?

What’s New with the Latest Fujikura Ventus Golf Shafts?

One misconception in golf is that shafts aren’t crucial to club performance. The shaft serves as the engine that drives the club. It is, after all, the only way the golfer can transfer swing energy to the business end of the club (and, thus, the ball).

Fujikura is a leading golf equipment manufacturer. They are responsible for premium quality golf shafts for both amateurs and professionals. Their mission is to develop the “World’s Best Performance Golf Shafts,” and they do a damn good job.  

A poorly designed golf shaft does more harm than good, but adding a club with a golf shaft from Fujikura might only be the equipment change you need to get the swing you want. Many top players around the globe count on Fujikura Ventus golf shafts. After the  Fujikura Ventus Blue shaft hype on the 2019 PGA Tour, the company introduced two more launch profiles to empower every golfer’s driver – the Fujikura Ventus Black and Red.

Say Hello to the Newest Additions in the Ventus Lineup!

As the swing speeds of Tour players have increased over the past years, they’ve sought tighter dispersion to hit more fairways and greens. So, Fujikura created a golf shaft designed to help players elevate their games. The brand incorporated the latest materials, breakthrough technologies, and advanced design techniques to develop high-performance golf shafts that provide elite gameplay for amateurs and Tour players alike.   

The engineers from Fujikura designed the Ventus Black and Red to tighten dispersion and maximize ball speed on off-center shots. They also address the issues of some golfers who find it difficult to load their shaft or hit too high or too low with a softer butt section and stiffer tip. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of Fujikura, the Ventus Black and Red might be the shaft you need if you are struggling with your game or if you’re just trying to squeeze a few more points off of the card.  

What are we dealing with the Fujikura Ventus Black and Red?

Like what Fujikura did in creating the color-coded ATMOS Tour Spec lineup, the Ventus line added two profiles to their family. First off, the original Ventus in the lineup is the Ventus blue which means that it has a mid-launch and spin profile. These profiles are almost always released first to the market since it fits the gameplay of the largest number of golfers. 

But what’s new about the Ventus Black and Red?  


Out of the three Ventus line, the Ventus Red produces the most spin. It offers a slightly more launch and spin option than the current profile of the Ventus Blue. Meanwhile, if you want lower spin, more active feel, and a lower launch than the standard Ventus Blue, then the Black shaft should be in your bag. It has an active feel and strong anti-left bias that is particularly helpful if your swing speed is ticking up slightly. 


Aside from the base color, there is no significant difference between the look of the Blue, Black, and Red. With a glossy black and red paint finish, there is a fresh, futuristic graphic design and logo at the upper half of the golf shafts.  


Although all Ventus premium line shafts have a rock-solid tip section, the three profiles differ in feel. The Ventus Black has a stiffer butt and tip sections with firmer mid-section than the Ventus Blue. Conversely, the higher launching Ventus Red is a bit stiff in the transition from butt to mid with a soft tip section to achieve higher launch.

VeloCore Technology

VeloCore Technology is what makes the Fujikura Ventus Golf shafts unique. Designed to be more resistant to twisting, Fujikura incorporated this state-of-the-art technology in all three Ventus lines. This is to boost the clubhead’s performance by maximizing energy transfer and enhancing the loading of the shaft as well as the player’s feel.

For both aggressive and non-aggressive players, the black and red Ventus is what you need inside your golf bag, respectively. All Fujikura Ventus golf shafts are now available in a wide variety of flexes and weights at authorized Fujikura dealers for $350 per shaft. For more details about the latest addition to the Ventus family, call us at (763) 458-4318 and experience the JD’s Clubs difference!

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