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What’s Coming to JD’s Clubs This September: Fujikura Ventus Hybrid Shafts with VeloCore Technology
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What’s Coming to JD’s Clubs This September: Fujikura Ventus Hybrid Shafts with VeloCore Technology

Fujikura is a leading innovator in club shafts. In 2019, a new Ventus came out with three launch profiles, upgrading its late 2018 introduction. The drivers and fairway woods in that line empowered golfers to control shot dispersion and fully utilize ball speed, even on off-center launches. Today, Fujikura has shifted focus. This September’s hybrid shafts are going to make a huge buzz around the world of elite golfers. 

Ahe All-New Ventus Hybrid Shaft

Ventus has seen growing popularity among professional and recreational golfers alike. In 2020 during the Northern Trust PGA Tour held at TPC Boston, Fujikura made the top driver shaft used (27.6%) with 23 of 34 using a Ventus. This time, it’s their hybrid shafts making a splash. A mid-launch Blue and low-launch Black will be the available variants incorporating the same proprietary VeloCore Technology.

Fujikura’s VeloCore Technology contributes to the 2020 Ventus Hybrid shaft’s low torque and ultra-stiff tip, making it a stable instrument through the turf. Once it makes an impact, it guarantees a consistent, constricted shot dispersion. 

VeloCore Technology – a Fujikura Legacy

Velocity is at the core (hence, “Velocore”) of the philosophy behind the construction of this multi-material bias core. It delivers stability in its transition and impact, which increases the velocity and blow factor. With VeloCore Technology in a Ventus shaft, a consistent center-face impact between a ball and clubhead promotes high-end stability. This impact not only makes for tighter dispersion but also increases the control of the driver. VeloCore Technology makes the Ventus 150% stiffer than the T1100G sold in most golf stores.

  • Finds the center

In Ventus, the VeloCore Technology helps the golfer hit with the center of the clubhead.  

  • Tightens dispersion

The further you hit, the farther apart your shots will land over time. The Ventus helps the golfer tighten the dispersion of your hits.  

  • Boosts MOI

Other club heads tend to rotate 10 degrees more at impact with the ball. This makes for unstable launches. With VeloCore Technology in your Ventus, you get a stable swing. A stable clubhead and shaft attachment maintains the ball’s speed, and maximizes the driver’s stability at the moment of of inertia. 

Black or blue, JD’s Clubs is more than ready to deliver and fit a Ventus hybrids to your swing. Make sure to stay tuned on our site or call us at (763) 458-4318 when these shafts become available!

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