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What Should You Expect with the All-new Fujikura Motore X
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What Should You Expect with the All-new Fujikura Motore X

Many (all?) golfers have an insatiable thirst for speed. It starts as a passion but quickly turns into an obsession that becomes a never-ending quest. It’s no surprise that many golfers lust for speed. More speed means more distance, and more distance means lower scores and more fun.

The folks from Fujikura understand every golfer’s craze for speed. But did you know that the speed and accuracy of swings depend on the flex of your shaft? Thus, Fujikura engineers designed a premium line of shafts that focus on increased clubhead speed above all else. 

Fujikura has boomed with its previous shaft models as more and more players experience the value of their most-advanced golf shafts. They use a long list of modern technologies and techniques to create some of the highest-performing shaft options available on the market. 

In today’s world of state-of-the-art shaft construction, Fujikura shafts continue to take over professional tournaments like the PGA Tour and Champions Tour with exceptional win numbers and the total number of shafts in play. Both amateur and Tour golfers know Fujikura designs high-performance shafts with high speeds that also deliver unrivaled feel on the greens. If you are looking to get more speed in your golf game, Fujikura can take an already awesome product and make it even better with the all-new Motore X shaft.

A Legend Reimagined: Introducing the Fujikura Motore X

The Motore series became a hit both on Tour and the broader market. In 2009 and 2010, Fujikura designed the original Motore F1 and F3 models, respectively. They are two of the best shafts currently used as a replacement shaft for drivers. With their great solid feel and consistent ball flight, these shafts are worth every penny. 

But Fujikura’s aim to produce top-performing shafts doesn’t end there. They continued to innovate golf equipment with new lessons from ENSO technology and developed new ways to improve the speed and stability of their performance shafts. With the benefit of thousands of unique swings and ENSO analytics, Fujikura brought back a legend and came up with a unique approach to blending new designs and specifications to redefine the meaning of stability and speed.

Shaft Spotlight: Multiply Your Speed with Fujikura Motore X Today!

When it comes to golf shafts, a common misconception is they don’t play a vital role in total club performance. Instead, shafts are the engine that drives the club. So having a high-performance shaft like the Fujikura Motore X inside your bag will help you play your A-game on the course. With a decade of lessons inside, here are the technologies at work in the new Motore X: 

Enhanced by ENSO Technology

In the past, golfers had an inaccurate idea of how high their shots launched, how much they spun, or how far they went. So Fujikura came up with the art and science of club fitting with ENSO technology so that golfers could measure the performance of the golf club prior to ball impact. They incorporated this easy-to-use solution in the design process for the Motore X to optimize its performance. 

H.I.T. Technology 

In addition to ENSO Technology, the Fujikura Motore X features the H.I.T. Technology (High Inertia Tip) to generate greater distance, accuracy, and forgiveness consistently. This technology maximizes the energy during the downswing then releases it right before impact while maintaining its stability. This means that the end of the shaft accelerates faster to the ball to provide optimal spin, regardless of ball flight. 

VeloCore Technology

Like the previous Motore line of shafts, the Motore X utilizes the company’s proprietary VeloCore technology. Fujikura developed VeloCore to enhance clubhead performance on all shots by boosting energy transfer. It benefits both the player’s feel and loading of the shaft. 

Metal Composite Technology (MCT)

Fujikura developed MCT to combine the attributes of steel and graphite into one revolutionary shaft. It enables golfers to add weight in critical points in the shaft for the improved feel or kick speed. It balances the center gravity of the shaft to allow better control, superior feel, and enhanced performance. 

Besides all the advanced technology, even just the sleek look of the Fujikura Motore X might lure you in. If the look catches your eye, you will still stay for its top-notch performance. But remember that better golf is not only getting the right shafts on all your clubs. Equipping and finding best-fit equipment for you will also help you take a big step in the right direction. So multiply your speed with the Fujikura Motore X today! Available at charter dealers nationwide on the 3rd of February, be the first one to grab these babies today at JD’s Clubs. Experience the difference by calling (763) 458-4318. 

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