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What Should You Expect from the KBS TD Driver/Wood Shaft in 2020?

What Should You Expect from the KBS TD Driver/Wood Shaft in 2020?

It is an understatement that a golf shaft’s weight can impact a player’s performance. It is the primary factor controlling the total weight of the club. During the swing, the shaft’s weight influences the feel of the club head for the golfer. An average fitter can attest to how significant a golf weight is for these golf drivers. For a long time, club manufacturers have crafted shafts of different weights to fit every golfer’s needs. The golf industry continues to reinvent pieces of equipment with the newest technology, all the while continuing to put much consideration into weight. 

Who could forget the famed KBS Tour 90, C-Taper, and KBS Tour products? KBS always focused on creating great steel irons and wedge shafts. Later, they expanded their line to include graphite hybrid and iron shafts in different weights and profiles to help fitters find a KBS shaft for every golfer and situation. What KBS has been missing in their lineup are driver and wood shafts – but not anymore! They filled the single void in their matrix of shafts with the newest addition to the family. 

Say hello to the all-new KBS TD Driver/Wood shaft by renowned designer and golf shaft virtuoso Kim Braly!

First Look: Unveiling the All-new KBS Driver/Wood Shaft 

The long wait is over! With strong demand from professional and amateur players alike, KBS upped their game by launching their first driver/wood shaft into the market. As a company that has always helped golfers bring their A-games to the course with the right clubs, it was high time for the KBS TD (TD stands for Tour Driven) driver/wood shafts.

KBS first introduced its first graphite shaft prototype two years ago and released different wedges, putters, and iron shafts in between. But it was not until today that Braly rounded out KBS’s offerings with a driver/wood shaft. According to Braly, the KBS TD is the product of years of shaft design which will change the way you look at driver and wood shafts. 

Features: What the KBS Driver/Wood Shaft Has to Offer

As a well-known innovator in the golf industry, KBS has been coming on strong with 45 worldwide wins, including two major wins at the US Open and The Open Championship. 

Here are some features you can expect from KBS’s TD driver/wood shafts: 

KBS Category Swing Speed System

While Braly is not a fan of the usual A-R-S-X-Tour designation for shafts, he knows that’s how the market works. To incorporate the industry-standard with his version, he broke down the TD Graphite into five categories with similar designations but different weight options. He plans to fit golfers to a particular shaft based on their swing speed.

The Trajectory of the Flight

KBS offers 15 shaft models ranging from 40g to 80g with a high launching flex model for seniors and ladies and a lower launching Tour –X model. The TD lineup ranges from Category 1 to Category 5. The higher the number category the shaft falls in, the lower the ball flight.

Mid-Launch and Low-Spin Performance 

The TD Graphite is a mid-launch, low spin shaft that can maximize launch angles and spin at different swing speeds. Moreover, it has tips that increase in stiffness and a mid-shaft balance point. That means its design will play lighter and stiffer without sacrificing the feel compared to other models available today.

Maximum Energy Transfer Performance

This critical feature goes way back to KBS Tour, C-Taper, and Tour 90. KBS TD  makes the most out of the energy transfer from the step or taper sections of each shaft to ensure a smooth feel at impact and deliver more distance, increased ball control, and tighter dispersion.

Overall Design and Appearance

KBS TD Driver/Wood shafts have traditional color schemes like KBS’s past offerings.  There’s a sharp silver color on the tip of the shaft, and the KBS logo blends with the red background. Adding a little more flair is the label of its weight and category beside the logo. 

KBS has hit another hole in one with a premium product that maximizes consistency and feel. Every shaft in the KBS TD product line can work wonders in any driver or fairway wood. Be the first to experience the newest KBS TD Driver/Wood Shaft in January 2020! 

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