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What Makes the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ Hybrid Shaft Different?

What Makes the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ Hybrid Shaft Different?

In a precise game such as golf, every piece of equipment has a significant impact on the performance of the players. One of the top-of-the-range golf essentials is the shaft. It does not come inexpensively, so most golfers spend tons of money to enhance their gameplay. However, with the vast array of golf shaft options in the market today, most players tend to seek an expert’s advice on every of golf equipment. This is what they can take out onto the green so that they don’t end up dropping cash for gear that will end up sitting at the back of the cupboard.

Most professional players recommend the products of Graphite Design due to its premium materials, exceptional feel, and precise ball control. The latest shaft release by Graphite Design is the Tour AD IZ Hybrid Shaft which embodies a stealthy aesthetic and sleek new finish.

Get into the Zone with Graphite Design Hybrid Wood Shafts

Graphite Design is one of the premier shaft brands and is a shaft technology industry leader in Japan. Every season, Graphite Design has been expanding its most exceptional Tour AD shaft lineup for both new and experienced golf players. Engineers designed this new set of shafts with quality materials and new technology to enhance gameplay. Tour professionals and top club fitters across the globe continuously steer players towards top-of-the-line shaft models from Graphite Design including the Tour AD, DI, DJ, BB, GT, and GP. Another exciting release of Graphite Design in the Tour AD golf shaft line is the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ – “Into the Zone” Hybrid Shaft. Although professionals believe that the IZ has a similar profile and performance to the Tour AD DI, the company assure players that it is not a direct replacement; instead, it falls between the higher launching DI and the lower launching TP.

What are the Features and Technologies behind the Tour AD IZ Hybrid Shaft?

For the 2019 season, Graphite Design introduces the latest in the Tour AD golf shaft line – the Tour AD IZ Hybrid. They have designed and sourced the most advanced technologies and materials available in the industry today. This is to produce the highest quality performance shafts on the market. It embodies competitive advantages in helping beginners and professional golfers to optimize their gameplay.

TORAYCA® T1100G with NANOALLOY® Technology

Manufactured at the Japan factory headquarters, the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ has 50-ton premium, aerospace-quality carbon-fiber materials that create the best performing shaft available in the market to golfers. The two technologies presented in the hybrid shaft increase the stability in the middle to the top region and delivers unique feel through the swing.

Powered By Cool Clubs S3

Graphite Design teamed up with the leading Custom Fit Club Company in the golf industry – the Cool Clubs. This is to deliver shaft reviews with the most advanced testing technology of Shaft Simulation System (S3). It is an automated and an all-in-one shaft profiling machine which generates the specifications of the shaft in a matter of minutes. Shaft manufacturers provide similar data, but the lack of standards in the industry prevents players from accurate comparisons.

Bend Profile

The Tour AD wood shaft with weight classes of IZ-5,-6,-7,-8 is Firm+ in the tip area, Medium in the middle, and Firm in the butt section. Meanwhile, IZ-4 has a medium butt, medium mid, and soft tip. These profiles help produce high launch angles and low spin. A shaft with a firmer grip, a slightly softer mid-section, and a moderate tip fill the shaft for higher shots while controlling flight with lower spin rates.


The Graphite Design AD IZ exhibits an orange and black color scheme. This is an inverse of the Tour AD DI – one of their most successful shaft lines. The aesthetic design of AD IZ is direct: the branding is below the handle with a shift in the base color. Most players will recognize the shaft from Graphic Design due to its all-business look.     


Golfers can swing hard without “losing” the shaft, control the ball flight, and maintain near-optimal distance due to its stable tip. The Tour AD IZ has several options for weights and flexes. Engineers designed the IZ 65g and 75g shafts to promote Mid/High launch angles with Low/Mid ball spin rates. Thus, IZ 85g and 95g are for Mid launch angles with Low ball spin rates.

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Searching for the right shaft for your game can be a daunting task. But, the experts from JD’s Clubs can provide you an unmatched assortment of fitting shafts such as the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ Hybrid Shaft for testing. We can help you gather information about the pieces of equipment you need to help you make an informed choice.  Drop us a call today at (763) 458-4318 and get into the zone for only $379!

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