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What is the Best Online Golf Shaft Store to Replace Your Equipment?

What is the Best Online Golf Shaft Store to Replace Your Equipment?

Although golf shafts are not the first equipment most golfers think of when trotting off to buy a new set of irons or a driver, many consider the shaft to be the “engine” of a golf club. Sooner or later, you will accidentally break a shaft. When that happens, you can choose to take your broken shaft to a professional club maker for repairs or replace the shaft yourself. Either way, there are a few points worth paying attention to when you choose a new shaft. Getting the right shaft profile for your unique swing is crucial since affects your ability to hit quality shots on the course. If you find it challenging to choose the best golf clubs for your best game, it is time to trust a professional for help.

Why Choosing the Right Golf Shafts is Important

Every golfer– beginner or professional– wants to play at a higher level. It often comes down to power, grip, focus, and the right shaft. If you feel that your game needs improvement, paying a little extra for a set of clubs that fits you like a glove can help you achieve your full potential– and it may be cheaper than buying several sets over time to find your best fit.

A major goal in selecting your shafts is building consistency. That consistency equates to your best chance at hitting the center of the face to maximize your launch on each drive. In other words, it affects how well you can play. 

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Golf Shaft

Having the right shaft can help any golfer hit the ball straighter and farther. So how do you choose the shaft that best works with your unique swing?

Go with Graphite over Steel

Although steel shafts are common in the golf bags of beginners, many players can improve their play on the greens with a graphite shaft. There is a pre-conception that graphite shafts are more expensive than steel, but the gap in price has been narrowing quickly. One key advantage of graphite over steel is the feel since the latter creates more vibration at impact, which reduces control.

Flexibility Matters

To get the most out of your club shaft, it is important to choose the right flex: regular, extra stiff, stiff, senior, and ladies. In general, the faster your swing speed, the stiffer the shaft you will need. 

Evaluate the Weight Carefully

Golfers can buy shafts that weigh as much as 130 grams or as light as 40 grams. A too light or too heavy shaft can cause a player to struggle in maintaining consistent swing tempo, rhythm, and timing. Thus, it is important to match the weights of the clubs to the player’s transition force and strength. Don’t underestimate the importance of shaft weight! If the shaft weight is incorrect, other shaft variables won’t matter much.

Know the Shaft Length for Your Distance

Once you or a professional fitter install your shaft, it is time to know the proper length for your play. To determine the length of your club that suits your game, stand upright, and measure from the crease where your hand and wrist meet to the floor. Professional fitters or golf shops have a measurement scale to assist you in choosing the shaft length that best works for your height and stance.

Familiarize Yourself with the Flex Point

Flex point, or kick point, is the area on the shaft that helps determine the trajectory of the ball after hitting it. If you want a lower trajectory, choose a shaft with a high kick point. Meanwhile, if you need a higher ball flight, then you should select a low kick point shaft.

There are several points to consider in selecting a new shaft. Experts suggest golfers see a reputable club fitter help make the right decision for their specific characteristics. If you want to go down the custom route, it is important to strike up a conversation with a professional fitter.

Ensure that you have the right shaft for your club with golf shafts from the best online golf shaft store – JD’s Clubs! Golf brands are offering a broader selection of shaft options than ever before, and we can help you navigate your way to what works for you and your objectives. Call us at (763) 458-4318 or visit our store to meet with a professional fitter that can help you get the most out of your swing.  

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