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What are Golf Putters and Its Shapes?
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What are Golf Putters and Its Shapes?

Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Rory Mcllroy. You probably recognize these famous golfers immediately. What made these men some of the best golfers in history? Practice? Talent? Drive? Of course. Perhaps the most overlooked element, though, is a pro’s golf equipment. That is, the best golfers use the best golf clubs.

You choose what clubs you carry onto the course, but every bag has a putter in it. A poorly fitted putter will cause poor control and poor aim.

Shapes of Golf Putters

Putters come in three designs:

Blade Putters

Old school golfers often use this type of putter. Blade putters are toe down clubs that feature high centers of gravity and small heads. These suit golfers at about any level of play.

Mallet-Shaped Clubs

If you are looking for a club that can make putting easier, then this is the perfect one for you. Mallet-shaped clubs are considered as the best for players with high handicaps. It has a large surface, providing more placement options for the golfer.

Peripheral Weighted Putters

This modern club fits beginners best. Peripheral Weighted Putters come with extra weight in the toe and heel, preventing ball wiggle on off-center hits.

Rules for Buying A Golf Putter

If you’re going to shop for a putter, you should know your options. Consider your skill level, swing, and size too. With so many different putter lengths, weight placements, club head shapes, and alignments to choose from, a little help wouldn’t hurt. 

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