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Watch Out! Fujikura’s Speeder Evolution V is Coming to JD’s Clubs!

Watch Out! Fujikura’s Speeder Evolution V is Coming to JD’s Clubs!

When Fujikura Golf released the original Speeder Evolution four years ago, there were indications in the market that it will be a standalone shaft. Well, the innovative design powered by top-notch engineering and high-quality material integrations had proven to be a game-changer and it has a received positive response rom amateurs and pros alike. With the first product gaining tremendous success, the notable golf company has built a line of shafts that aim to help all kinds of players elevate their driving performance to the next level. People are now enjoying the great benefits of the Evolution, Evolution II, Evolution III and Evolution IV. But Fujikura is not yet done. Now, Speeder Evolution V is coming to the market and JD’s Club is among the trusted dealers!

Before you get too excited about the Speeder Evolution V, here’s an overview of each product that is included in Fujikura’s Speeder Evolution Series.

Speeder Evolution I

The first in the line of the Speeder Evolution Series was launched in September 2014. This technology-packed product aims to help golf players who are looking for outstanding feel and performance. The product was made using the Triax Core technology. This means that there is a three-directional woven graphite material on the inside layer of the shaft which promotes exceptional stability that produces low torque while still maintaining its light weight.

Speeder Evolution II

If you’re the kind of player who is seeking for low launch and spin, then this issue is perfect for you. The Speeder Evolution II is billed in the market as the one which can provide the lowest launch among the evolution shafts available. Its counterbalanced design has the prime purpose of maintaining swing weight even at longer lengths as well as to offset heavier clubheads. It utilizes the Triax Core technology that prevents ovalization and provides maximum stability. Moreover, to be able to produce low torque while still being able to maintain its light weight, Fujikura had used its notable Metal Composite Technology.

Speeder Evolution III

The Speeder Evolution III is created to provide a mid-spin and launch performance that is relative to the first two in line.  If you’re looking for a tour-level kind of feel and performance, then you would surely appreciate this issue which can keep the ball in the air a bit longer. The Metal Composite Technology allowed the engineers to lessen wall thickness of the shaft for a much better feel without sacrificing stiffness due to its metal composite.

Speeder Evolution IV

Considered as the most advanced in the long line of Speeders that are available in the market, the Speeder Evolution IV is designed with the prime purpose of increasing launch angle while maintaining low spin. This product is developed by integrating materials that are used in Evo II and Evo III. With the help of advanced engineering, the Speeder Evolution IV was created boasting a high-strength intermediate modulus material that promotes a smoother loading feel. Moreover, it carries the technology and the materials that were used on the previous issues such as the Metal Composite Technology, 90 Ton Carbon Fiber and Maximum Carbon Fiber Content material.

What’s next?

There is no question that the Fujikura Speed Evolution shaft is one of the most famous shafts in the golf industry. With its utmost feel and performance benefits, many are still wondering whether the line would continue to grow. And yes! There’s a lot of tech talk that Fujikura Golf will release the newest on the Speeder series! Speeder Evolution V is all set to establish a new record in the way golf is being played. This product will soon be available at JD’s Club so watch out. That’s going to be soon!

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