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Watch out for The King: Speeder EVO V Now available at JDs Clubs!

Watch out for The King: Speeder EVO V Now available at JDs Clubs!

Over the last five years, it is undeniable that the Speeder Evolution series from Fujikura had set new standards when it comes to high tech & high-performance shafts in the golf industry. From the EVO II, EVO III, and EVO IV, amateurs and Tour pros recognize that these shafts help them put trust in their essential shots. While each model comes with distinct characteristics from one another, the materials and technologies used are all top-notch. Today, the golf world would surely rejoice once more with the coming of the new king—the Speeder EVO V!

The Concept of Speeder EVO V

The Evo V’s primary concept is to promote capturing of the ball. This new and improved version of the original Evo aims to help the players create draw shots easily. Moreover, just like the common characteristic of the previous speeders, Speeder EVO V can bring good distance performance. Among the Tour players who are famous for using Speeder Evolution, is Dustin Johnson. He is known as one of the longest drivers on tour, and the Fujikura’s Evolution Series attributed a lot to his success. By continuously delivering high-tech shafts, it became possible for him to produce monster distance each week. 

Speeder EVO V’s Amazing and Innovative Features

Engineered and produced in Japan, EVO V comes with a striking color scheme, a mix of Blue and Silver. The appearance is hinting that it follows the original Blue Evolution. However, you can see more on top! Of course, aside from the color and the design, here are the key features that would make you want to have one today.

  • Speeder EVO V boasts high-strength, high-performance intermediate modulus (IM) material for lightweight stability.
  • Balance, feel and kick speed can be quickly improved because of the Metal Composite Technology which allows additional weight in key points in the shaft.
  • It has maximum carbon fiber content.
  • Using 90 Ton Carbon Fiber which is a costly, thin and durable material, it became possible to reduce weight without sacrificing stability.
  • For a much smoother loading and feels of the shaft, the bias layer in between the layers of straight-aligned material had to be moved using the Engineered Outer Bias Technology.

If you are the kind of player who often misses with slice, then Speeder EVO V is best suited for you. Its active tip shaft is incredibly designed to provide you with a good feel throughout your swing. Furthermore, it allows you to capture the ball at impact for a high straight to draw trajectory shots. This development not only lessens the possibility of slicing the ball but allows you as well to produce more distance.

Get Your Speeder EVO V from JDs Clubs Today!

JDs Clubs is an authorized dealer of Fujikura Golf brand. We have the highest standards when it comes to the brands and products we carry and rest assured that you’ll find only 100% authentic golf equipment. Visit us today, and we’ll help you make the right decisions.

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