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Turn Your Golf Bag into A Winner’s Bag with the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Triple Diamond Driver
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Turn Your Golf Bag into A Winner’s Bag with the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Triple Diamond Driver

The key to winning in golf is a lot like winning in everything else: Come prepared. The legends themselves will tell you that anyone can be a better golfer with enough hard work and preparation. Justin Thomas, a former World Number One, shared in a Golf Digest article that preparation does play a vital role in shooting lower scores. It comes from studying the course, getting the greens’ speed, or powering up with an efficient warm-up. Another impactful way is to assemble your golf bag the way pros do. Your sweat and practice will do you a lot more good if you have the right clubs for you in your golf bag. 

First among those is your driver. Callaway proves their newest driver can play that role well. The Mavrik Sub-Zero Triple Diamond driver pairs tried-and-true Callaway technology with updated Flash Face SS20 to give you one of this year’s hottest drivers!

What Golf Clubs Should be in Your Golf bag?

You only get to carry fourteen clubs, including the putter. Which clubs you carry can determine your game, so fill your bag accordingly.

No two golfers carry the same clubs, but everybody carries a putter and a driver. Most keep a 3-wood and a 5 or 7-wood for the long game, and everybody brings a set of irons, a wedge or two, and maybe some hybrid clubs. 

Why Mavrik Sub-Zero Triple Diamond Driver Makes a Winner’s Bag

Callaway designed and optimized their Mavrik Sub-Zero Triple Diamond Driver for control and playability, keeping everyday golfer and tour player feedback in mind. 

  • Optimized C.G. Position (Increased Control)

From testing data and extensive feedback gathered from Tour players, Callaway engineers were able to optimize the C.G. position for a promise of fantastic control. While maintaining extremely high MOI properties, they ensured that the center of gravity would be positioned precisely to maintain a moderate amount of spin.  

  • More Face Progression (Better Alignment) 

The Sub-Zero’s head is a combination of a straighter top line, a higher toe, and more face progression. With this new shape, it’s easier to align the face with the target line to promote a neutral to fade shot shape. 

  • New A.I. Designed Flash Face SS20 (Fast Ball Speeds)

To increase ball speed across a more expansive area in each loft, Callaway used MAVRIK’s original Artificial Intelligence design a newly-improved Flash Face SS20. This particular step gave the driver the ability to help golfers achieve explosive distance on the drive. 

  • High MOI (More Forgiveness & Longer Distance)

The Mavrik’s advanced head shape and internal weighting create a rare combination of low spin and high MOI. This extraordinary union provides distance and increased forgiveness rarely seen in a driver. 

  • Sophisticated Internal Titanium Rib System (Improved Acoustics & Feel)

Sound is just one aspect of feedback on a hit, and it’s just as essential as feel. This is one reason why Callaway used A.I. to design an unbelievable system that fine-tunes the club’s head. The result is a deeper, highly satisfying sound and feel you’ll love. 

The Callaway Mavrik SZ Triple Diamond Driver is a golf treasure you want in your bag. Daniel Berger, the American professional golfer who just won the Charles Schwab Challenge, had it in his bag first! Ensure you have this total-package driver in your set. Grab one at JD’s Clubs today and tell us what you think!

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