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A famous brand from the Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. Srixon offers a complete set of golf equipment ranging from golf balls, golf clubs, and other accessories. Srixon has been globally famous for their golf balls and for owning the largest total of golf ball patents in the whole world. As Srixon aims to improve every golf enthusiast’s game, they are pushing their most significant skills and passion not just on creating the highest-quality golf ball but also, to be the global leader of innovative golf equipment. Today they have released the latest Srixon Z Series Woods and its now available at JD’s Clubs!

Srixon Z Series Woods on Focus

The latest and powerful Srixon Z Series Woods showcases the company’s passion for manufacturing the best set of golf equipment. Srixon gained fame for providing remarkable forged irons. However, it is undeniable that their line of wood driver models including Z 585 and Z 785 are something every golfer should check out. These two wood driver models mark the revolution in Srixon’s lineup. New and top quality technologies and materials used in the design will entirely change the game.

Unique Features and Qualities

Srixon Z 585 and Z 785 might have the same look from the past models, but every golfer will see how they have improved and raised the bar higher when it comes to wood driver models.

Srixon Z 585

As this beautiful driver replaced the previous Z 565, Srixon Z 585 now aims to create straighter and higher drives with much more forgiveness on far from the center strikes. This one is a friendlier model compared to Z 785 as it comes with a dynamic tip section and boasts the standard Project X Hardus Red Shaft. It results in the higher flight of shots that will match every golfer’s desire. For swing weight modification, this driver has a little draw bias made by detachable weight place onto the heel of the club head. However, players must keep in mind that Z 585 is not suitable for lie, face angle adjustment, and loft.

Srixon Z 785

This driver is a very revolutionary release for Srixon as Z 785 creates an average of 3 mph faster ball speed that allows up to ten more yards of overall distance, very different from the previous model. The main reason for this astounding development is their new Ti51AF Cup face. This super cup face gives advance toughness and bounceback qualities in a lighter package.

Srixon Z 785 is also more forgiving than the previous model mainly because of its lightweight carbon composite crowns that yield five more grams of weight savings and allows a much lower CG position. Also, this driver comes with handmade San Diego Project X HZRDUS Black shaft that provides the furthest constancy. Srixon Z 785 is perfect for golfers looking for an excellent stick that supports a slower, short-spin course and improved usefulness compared to the Z 585 driver.

Grab Your Srixon Z Series Woods at JD’s Clubs Today!

JD’s Clubs is one of the leading dealers of Srixon and Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. Rest assured that we never choose a brand that does not match our standards of high quality and authentic golf equipment. Take a tour on our site today, and we will assist you to the best of our knowledge!

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