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The Smooth New Mitsubishi Kai’Li Blue Shaft
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The Smooth New Mitsubishi Kai’Li Blue Shaft

Mitsubishi Chemical is once again expanding its selection to serve golfers with almost any golf swing. Mitsubishi’s Kai’li Blue is a head turner, just like the Kai’li White. The ocean-themed images seem even more appropriate in silver-flecked blue tones. Even the logo, a soaring “Kai’li” in white with a blue outline, is stunning.

The graphics cease at the middle of the shaft to prevent them from detracting from the address. Except for the little “MR-70” emblem near the club head, it is entirely black from that point to the tip.  

So, it’s Pretty– But How Does It Perform? 

Players who are use to stiff tip shafts but want something with more pop will do well with the Kai’li Blue. The Kai’li Blue offers a smoother, more explosive feel without sacrificing the tip stability they are accustomed to. It may also be effective for tip-shipping players who require stronger launch and spin to maximize their distance.

Mid-Launch, Low-Torque, and Deep Power: That’s how Mitsubishi describe their “stablest and smoothest blue profile yet.” Their Super Low Resin Content Prepreg and MR70-reinforced tip are incorporated to provide stability demanded by more substantial swings and heavier head weights.

Mitsubishi provides four weight classes and flexes for the Kai’li Blue, starting with “stiff” and “regular” at 50 grams. The ordinary, stiff, X, and TX flexes are all available in a 60-gram variant. The regular flex is drop after you reach 70 grams, and only the X and TX are available at 80 grams.

Technology Behind the Mitsubishi Kai’li


Mitsubishi Chemical has developed MR70, a revolutionary new carbon fiber material that is 20% stronger and has 10% more modulus than standard materials. It was create specifically for high-performance applications.

Super Low Content Resin PrePreg(SLRC)

Super Low Resin Content PrePreg enables the shaft’s torque core to contain a larger volume of carbon fiber, which helps to reduce torque, improve stability, and provide golfers’ hands more a better response.

GEARS Certified

GEARS motion capture technology has been use to test Kai’li Blue. It showed constant center-face club face strikes, fewer relative spin deviations, and overall narrower dispersal.

Conclusion About Mitsubishi Kai’li

The Mitsubishi Kai’li Blue is impressive for striking a mix between a supple, energetic feel and a moderately robust tip section. Players from both ends of the shaft spectrum will find something here that’s cozy, something that elevates their drives, and something that makes them want to carry this shaft in their bag. Purchase it here at JD’s Clubs.

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