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The Newest X Forged CB Irons: A True Tour Iron You Shouldn’t Miss!
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The Newest X Forged CB Irons: A True Tour Iron You Shouldn’t Miss!

Golf is a game of experience and precision, sure. Like most sports, you can’t ignore the importance of having the right equipment. It’s tough to “catch up” on experience, but you can match or beat other players’ tools. Experienced golfers understand this, which is why they always put their best foot forward by choosing best equipment for their own playing style. They place greater value on how their golf clubs can make better shots, prioritizing feedback and feel over forgiveness.

Needless to say, the right (or wrong) clubs affect anyone’s success in the golf game, even those who win major tournaments. One major variable in that equation is a good set of irons. From approach shots to teeing off on a par 3, a solid iron play gives players a big advantage. One brand with irons that give regular players a Tour edge is Callaway.

Callaway’s newest X Forged CB Iron is a breath of fresh air. While they have managed to retain the look, feel, and playability that made Callaway popular, their engineers have improved their irons’ heads yet again. If a promise of ‘attack with precision’ sounds good to you, JD’s Clubs has Forged CBs you’ll love. 

The Real Difference between Blades and Cavity-Back Irons

Before checking out the real deal with X Forged CB irons, it’s good to look back at how this type of iron affects play.. 

If you’re a good striker with cavity back heads, then you might very well find blades to be a step up. Benefits from playing with muscle-back irons range from enhanced feel, to better distance, control, and workability. On the other hand, if all you’re after is keeping things simple, your cavity back may be your ticket of course. Today, golf manufacturers are constantly developing irons that blend the advantages of the two.

5 Features of X Forged CB That Makes It Stand Out

The quality X Forged clubs are a Calloway tradition. With the X Forged CB, Callaway is again raising the bar for great player irons. Initial reviews say the iron provides consistency, unmatched control, and the look of a slick champion club. That’s not all there is to love about them though. 

Here are five more X Forged CB iron features to love:

Multi-material Construction for Precise Control

To manipulate head weights without affecting CG placement, Callaway engineers pushed limits working with the iron’s custom internal and external tungsten weighting. They successfully fine-tuned swing weight without the need to add weight inside the hosel. The tungsten located in the toe gave way to accurate alignment of CG behind the middle of the club. 

Mild Carbon Steel Body for Softer Feel

’18 X Forged was recognized for its turf interaction and a softer-than-normal feel. But Callaway changed the game by playing a bit further with a squarer leading edge and a bit more bounce, based on Tour feedback. The forged 1025 mild carbon steel body gave the iron a signature feel you won’t want to let go of.

Tour Tuned Faceplate for Consistent Distance and Spins

Better players are always looking for distance and control, faster ball speed, and consistent spin rates. The updated Tour Tuned Faceplate gives golfers all of the above in the X Forged CB Iron.

Design That Appeals To Better Golfers

X Forged CB irons are made with a shorter blade length, narrow sole, and thin top line. All of these to promote pinpoint shot-making and more workability through the set.

Considering that irons take up most of the space in your bag, it’s essential that you own ones that fit you and your swing. X Forged CB Irons are here to meet and even exceed your expectations, even if you had already discovered Callaway irons. Grab yours at our site or call us at (763) 458-4318 before stock runs out!

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