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The Newest Bettinardi’s Wedge HLX 3.0 Is Now Available From JD’s Clubs!
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The Newest Bettinardi’s Wedge HLX 3.0 Is Now Available From JD’s Clubs!

Your search for a golf wedge that gives you ultimate short game playability ends today! Bettinardi’s recent release of the HLX 3.0 proved that their wedges deserve a spot in your golf bag. This third-generation wedge is the result of the company’s continuous effort to redesign the appearance and technology of its HLX line. With your satisfaction in mind, its new finishes and grinds are built to give you maximum versatility, excellent control, and increased forgiveness.

Back in 2002, Bettinardi introduced its first wedges to the golf market. Their unique approach to creating limited prototype products earned the trust of players as well as golf collectors. Today, their dedication and excellence to the craft are continuously recognized on sand bunkers and in roughs worldwide. The newest HLX 3.0 wedge is now available from JD’s Clubs.

How Do Wedges Affect Your Play?

The wedge is a vital club. Almost a quarter of all your shots require one. If you’re struggling on the course, the right wedge can make a difference. Take it from the legend Ben Hogan who included the wedge in his Top 3 favorite clubs.

If you’re serious about playing better golf, focus on achieving sharp short games. This means improving your success on wedge shots. Doing that increases your chance to keep up or even ace inside the lethal first 100 yards.

You know you have the right wedges if you see improvements to how you pitch and hit the ball out of the bunkers. Even the grind and shape of your wedge should be working in concert with your swings. With wedges that fit you, the chance of scoring or posting lower numbers is likely. Conversely, a worn-out wedge could do you more harm than good.

What’s The Catch with Bettinardi’s HLX 3.0 Wedges?

If you’re a player looking for more precision in your short game, investing in the right wedge should be your priority. A Bettinardi wedge is a great option.  

Here are some of the HLX 3.0’s features:

  • Exceptional material

The soft carbon steel that HLX 3.0 wedges provide a premium soft feel. Bettinardi’s elite materials give players more uniformity and consistency. Their milling expertise also provides greater forgiveness and control–a big improvement to the H2. 

  • Sleek finishes

The new Bettinardi’s wedges don’t just improve a golfer’s short game. Its all-new appearance makes them look good doing it. If you prefer a non-traditional look, choose their Black Smoke finish over the traditional Chrome. 

  • All-new face 

Bettinardi’s High Helix Cutter tool promotes maximum versatility by creating a wedge face that pushes the limits set by the United States Golf Association (USGA).

  • Astounding grind features

Robert and Sam Bettinardi re-engineered the perfect grind. The Bettinardi C-Grind gives players the most aggressive spins and the cleanest contact. Alternately, the RJ-Grind guarantees much-needed bounce and increased forgiveness that other wedges on the market lack.  

  • Top-rated components

You can team your HLX 3.0 clubhead with any of four other premium shafts: The Nippon Modus 3115, KBS Hi-Rev 2.0, and either the True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 or S200.  

Grab Your HLX 3.0 Wedge at JD’s Clubs today! 

This could be the day to replace your worn out wedge. Let JD’s Clubs fit you for the Bettinardi HLX 3.0 and experience the best of the best short games! Take a tour on our site or call us at (763) 458-4318 to get to know more how this fantastic wedge can spice up your game!

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