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The BGT Brava: Made for Stability
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The BGT Brava: Made for Stability

Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) in Dallas, Texas, relies on a collective 100 years of experience using cutting-edge technology to produce and market the finest, most precise golf club shafts such as BGT Brava.

Barney Adams, the company’s founder, can spot what is missing in golf equipment. He began with putter shafts because he saw that no meaningful innovation had happened for decades. Years of research and development along with countless hours of testing and perfecting led BGT to today’s BGT Stability Shaft.

With that putter shaft, BGT has already cemented its name in the golf equipment industry. Today, the same innovative approach is behind BGT’s Brava Driver Shaft. No matter a golfer’s swing speed or driver model, The Brava shaft facilitates power and consistency shot after shot. It produces more center strikes and has a superior face angle, leading to unbelievable ball speeds.

Different Models and Their Aesthetics

The four models of the Brava can be distinguished by their appearance and flex. 

A flex: Head speed of 75mph, 46gm

R flex: 85mph, 50gm

S flex: 95 mph, and 54gm 

X is 105mph and 58gm. 

All four shafts have a matte finish and black base with bronze, silver, and gold accents. Only the A model looks different with silver tips instead of gold.

Specs of BGT Brava

The Brava is considered firm in the handle and midsection due to BGT’s Exclusive Speedflite NRG Technology. It minimizes the lag and helps increase the smash factor by making the shaft more consistent at release. 

Utilizing high-performance materials in construction, including Toray carbon fibre, which is 10x the strength of steel at a fraction of its weight, reduces the force required to swing the club, resulting in a driver head that is incredibly stable for greater distance and more precise ball dispersion. 

That lightweight design allows faster club head speeds without sacrificing the stability/stiffness needed to gain more control, which gives you that smooth, powerful, even explosive launch, even with the off-center-face strikes. 


The Brava driver shaft from BGT is a high-performing driver shaft that follows the footsteps of stability from their successful putter shafts. The Brava is a trustworthy and excellent shaft for players with a range of swing speeds and playing indices. Its homogeneous flex profile offers a steady and more assured swing to help you grab a few extra yards and fairways along the way.

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