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Take Full Control of your Game with Callaway Jaws Full Toe Wedges
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Take Full Control of your Game with Callaway Jaws Full Toe Wedges

Callaway’s pleasingly different and superior quality of products has hooked golf players into giving their complete trust in Callaway equipment. A new set of golf equipment has been released each year, and it’s really challenging to find the perfect one for you, especially on wedges. It’s not always the price of the wedge that matters or how famous the manufacturer is. Wedges such as jaws full toe wedges are vital to golf equipment that could give you a birdie and save pars, but it can also ruin your game if you’re using the wrong fit or type of wedge for you. 

Jaws Full Toes Wedges: Your Change Catalyst 

Forget about facing the lowest point of your performance on the greens because JD’s Clubs welcomes Callaway Jaws Full Toe Wedges in Chrome and Black. Jaws full toe will be the game changer for choosing the right wedge due to its innovative, high-performance, and forgiving features. JAWS Full Toe is designed to give you control over all types of wedge shots, from chips, pitches, flops, bunker shots, and full shots into the green. It will bring out your full imagination and take on any shot.

Why Should You Choose Jaw Full Toes Wedges?

Jaws Wedges are the change catalyst in the line of Callaway Wedges. They give an exceptional balance of traditional profile and unique creativity on its whole look. We all know that it is inspired by the previous PM grind wedges from Callaway. But there are some things you should look into. 

· Spin Machine

As Callaway described it, Jaws Full Toe wedges combine full-face JAWS grooves, offset groove-in-groove technology, and an all-new raw face, giving you the spin and control you need to pull off every shot on the green. It highlights the features of this new golf equipment by Callaway. 

· Full Toe and C-Grind

Confidence and control come from a Full Toe shape and a specialized C-Grind. Callaway made sure its shape will favor a wide range of golfers. As it was made with more face area and enhance toe peak. The C-grind allows easy-to-hit and short shots to the greens, especially bunker shots and high flops. This wedge is also build to perform on mid and full wedge shots with excellent turf interaction, building a solid foundation of control, confidence, and versatility in every shot.

· Jaw Grooves and Offset Groove-in-Groove

It’s an absolute spin machine with full-face JAWS grooves, offset groove-in-groove technology, and an all-new raw face. This club’s exceptional new face design makes a straighter leading edge. That adds to the aesthetics and golf kinematics of players of any skill level. 

· Variable Weight Ports and Jaw Toe Pad

The clubhead has a Variable Weight Port System that leverages the weight towards the toe of the club. Making the center of gravity closer to the toe and enhances the ball’s flight. It also prompts higher MOI and spin. 

· Premium Shafts and Grips

JAWS Full Toe Wedges come stock with a premium Lamkin UTx grip, True Temper’s newest Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft in steel, or a Project X Catalyst wedge shaft in graphite.

Reserve your Callaway Jaws Full Toes Wedges at JD’s Clubs

Golf manufacturers did not stop releasing high-quality golf equipment despite the limitations brought by the pandemic. There have been many available golf wedges for PGA Tour players to try, and Callaway Jaws Full Toe Wedges is one of the leading golf equipment eyed by golf enthusiasts. Condition your hands and get ready to add this to the cart at JD’s Clubs.

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