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Hello avid golf followers! Here is something new for you - the latest addition to our product line and now available on our online store: Fujikura Speeder Evolution III 3 shafts for sale. These shafts have been engineered to provide golfer a tour-level feel and performance, but with flighting and spin that will keep the ball in the air a bit longer. 2016 Speeder Evolution III still uses the same 90-Ton carbon, TORAY's

Project X scored another major success in the graphite market with their HZRDUS shafts, which are popular to their accuracy and low spin, ideal for players who already have plenty of club head speed. There several Project X HZRDUS shafts for sale today, all made to fit their specific purpose. Below are some more detailed information about these shafts and why they are successful on tour. First of, we have Project X HZRDUS Black

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