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Mitsubishi Tag

The logic behind buying premium golf shafts is simple: Why settle for an outdated  stick when you can upgrade to a high-performance option? Nice clubs aren’t just for professional players. Premium shafts such Tensei Pro White 1K shaft as make real differences in a golfer’s game. Great gear can take your game to new heights. This is why golf brands are going to such lengths to offer the best technology and construction

There are plenty of “good” golfers, but for those that really love it, the game demands greatness. The ticket evolving from good to great play is often in the golfer’s bag where great equipment has been matched to the player’s game. Organizing your bag and working with the finest arsenal such as Mitsubishi’s MMT™ Woods can play a huge role in your progression. Revamping your on-field performance starts long before you step

We waited for this! We are excited to share the good news that JD’s Clubs will be the exclusive dealer of Kuro Kage ™ XD for one month. Yes, that is right! This series of shafts will finally be available at JD’s Club by the end of this week. We will keep you posted through our social media pages. So, please check out our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages from time to

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