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Fujikura Speeder Evolution V Tag

Over the last five years, it is undeniable that the Speeder Evolution series from Fujikura had set new standards when it comes to high tech & high-performance shafts in the golf industry. From the EVO II, EVO III, and EVO IV, amateurs and Tour pros recognize that these shafts help them put trust in their essential shots. While each model comes with distinct characteristics from one another, the materials and technologies used

When Fujikura Golf released the original Speeder Evolution four years ago, there were indications in the market that it will be a standalone shaft. Well, the innovative design powered by top-notch engineering and high-quality material integrations had proven to be a game-changer and it has a received positive response rom amateurs and pros alike. With the first product gaining tremendous success, the notable golf company has built a line of shafts that

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