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Tamaki Sakamoto started Kyoei Golf Equipment Manufacturing with his brother-in-law after noticing that customers from Tokyo would hand carry pre-payment and gifts to artisans to beg them to make golf clubs.  https://www.youtube.com/embed/5G7TMphHTSA Today, Tamaki sells the clubs as his brother-in-law grinds them.  Tamaki Sakamoto once met a client in Nagoya, and they demanded "something extraordinary.". Hence, he take this request home, and after some changes, the client, Akagi Golf, was in delight.  Kyoei is known for

The JAWS Raw will bring raw scoring performance to your wedge game! It features the most aggressive grooves in golf, with a face that promotes maximum spin. Callaway is now bringing tungsten technology to a wedge for a weight-balanced club that offers both great feel and control. https://www.youtube.com/embed/oA-QmiTke1g Here are some noticeable things about this exciting new club from Callaway. Raw Face  The head of the Jaws Raw wedge is fully finished except for the hitting

Shafts are created to give consistency to your game. Getting your shaft custom tailored such as Tour AD UB Shaft to your swing mechanics increases your chances of striking the club's middle face. Allowing you to have an exceptional launch on the course.  https://www.youtube.com/embed/IGqIJKChug8 With that in mind, you probably had an idea of how important choosing an ideal shaft is. However, it is not as easy as choosing the proper flex. It's critical

It is funny how Golf can shift your emotions from "I'm a beast" to "I don't want to do this anymore" in just a matter of minutes! It might be the same reason you wake up early in the morning and not have a good night's sleep. You've probably once had a terrible day, but after hitting a few brag-worthy shots, you feel like you're more than qualified to get signed with

In golf, great skill is not always enough to win. Your arsenal is as essential as your knowledge, determination, and expertise. This is a fact that every golfer has to face. It could take you hundreds or even thousands of matches to find the best equipment fit for your game style. Shaft selection, to be specific, is one of the most important equipment decisions you'll ever make! You can try to use

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