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Steal the Spotlight with LA Golf Trono Shafts
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Steal the Spotlight with LA Golf Trono Shafts

Golfers spend hours practicing on the course. In a precise game like golf, every piece of equipment has its purpose and impact for each player. Following myths, mistruths, and recommendations can cost you thousands of dollars. Playing your best possible golf is about improving your performance. Why not start with the equipment that will help you achieve consistency such as LA Golf Trono Shaft? 

Make the Most out of Your Game with the Best Shaft

Finding the perfect shaft for your gameplay is like a now or never decision. A main goal when you purchase a shaft should be to get maximum consistency and ideal launch conditions. The 2021  LA Golf TRONO could be it for you. It’s sure getting a lot of attention this year!

Trono famously achieves high launches while maintaining its low spin, making it what some have called a “unicorn” club. Bryson DeChambeau, the co-designer, boasts that it has a middle section stiffer than any other shaft on the Tour. It is made with less rigidity in its tip to ensure better spin and launch. DeChambeau also says the butt is made softer to deliver the best feel. Nice! This unicorn is the first shaft to increase carry, decrease dispersion, and improve launch angle all at the same time.

The Trono is a perfect shaft for golf players looking for accuracy and more control off the tee. It is manufactured with LA Golf’s proprietary HD and 16-sided tooling, further improving stability and feel.  

What Makes TRONO Standout?

Spoiler Alert! The harder you swing, the straighter it goes. LA Golf surprised golfers with these words. Bet you’ll be excited and curious about the greatness and power you can put behind LA Golf Trono Shafts.  

· The Phenomenal Feel

Golfers, The rumors are true! Trono produces a uniquely smooth feel. Golf enthusiasts may notice the EI curve of the shaft and its perfectly engineered bend profile. Trono’s middle third of the shaft is firm, while the butt end is made softer for you to feel the shaft loading during your swing. If you haven’t felt stability and smoothness together in the same shaft, try out LA Golf’s Trono Shaft! 

· Optimum Performance

Dechambeau is proud of Trono’s exceptional performance. You can launch the ball with a good swing, and you’ll be surprised how minimal the spin axis tilt is. It also promises maximum consistency throughout your gameplay. Trono will be a highlight in your bag because you can still manage to survive even with lower ball speeds.

· The Look

Did we mention it looks good? Its matte black, textured finish with silver, white, and red graphics make it a bold statement on the course (and in your hand). The custom geometric patterns on the shaft give it a premium look too. Flip it, and you can see “BAD” and “JO,” which are the initials of Bryson DeChambeau and John Oldenburg, the chief shaft designer at LAGP. The 16 refers to LA Golf’s tooling technique, known for its stability.  

Wrapping It Up

One of the most misunderstood equipment in golf is the shaft. There are so many varieties available that it’s hard to know what to look for. Yet choosing the best shaft for you will give you the best chance of playing your best games. LA Golf Trono Shafts are available today at JD’s Clubs. They are available in 3 weights: 55, 65, and 75 grams. Regular and stiff flexes are available at 55 grams, stiff, X and TX at 65 grams, and X and TX at 75 grams. Come in today!

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