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Fujikura Speeder TR NOW Available at JD’s Clubs

Fujikura Speeder TR NOW Available at JD’s Clubs

Here’s another item that is now available on our online store: the Fujikura Speeder TR another quality product from one of the biggest and most reputable manufacturers in the world, Fujikura

Speeder TR was engineered with Tour players in mind. You can expect a shaft that gives players more control and consistency, which are a result from the extensive testing with Tour players. Multiple testings were done until Fujikura Tour reps achieved the results they were looking for.

Some notable features of Speeder TR:

  • The objective of TR was to produce kick speed with a new EI profile with a stiff mid section, but softer butt and tip for extra acceleration of the clubhead to the ball. The new EI results in better speed at impact along with lower launch and spin to match Tour player swings.
  • As opposed to Speeder Evolution TS (which has a similar kick point), The Speeder TR has a loading zone (softer handle) that is more effective; it stores more energy in the downswing translating to more clubhead speed and better launch.
  • The application of multi hoop plied structure technology along with 90tons carbon sheet; Speeder TR balances better stability and driving performance.
    It also features mid-low launch and lower spin rate.


  • Multi hoop plied structure – The application of laminate hoop layers on the outside and inside, which further strengthens the structure, preventing ovalization and achieving more overall stability
  • 90tons carbon sheet – Considered the world ‘Stiffest’ carbon fiber, which was also applied to Speeder EVO series; it gives more strong impact and more distance.

Make sure you become one of the firsts to grab this item https://www.jdsclubs.com/product/tour-issue-fujikura-speeder-tr-661-757-golf-shaft/ at our online store. Follow us on our social media pages (we regularly post updates there).

For inquiries and pre-orders, send us an email at jd@jdsclubs.com or call us at (763) 458-4318.

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