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Relish Unmatched Speed and Distance for 2021 with Srixon’s New ZX Wood Series
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Relish Unmatched Speed and Distance for 2021 with Srixon’s New ZX Wood Series

If there’s one thing that golfers should probably wish for, it is to have better games. A perfect drive, pitch, and iron approach are golf’s greatest pleasures. So, after having a hard time shooting even a par in the last year, perhaps your blistered hand is really up for a change. Upgrading your current setup is still a more effective way to shoot lower scores than spending countless hours practicing. Manufacturers understand this and are eager to provide new golf equipment options to help you be a better golfer. That is why Srixon release their new ZX Woods Series for the golfers this 2021.

Srixon, globally known for equipment innovation, continues to find its way up in the market with new club designs and technology. Apart from its famous golf balls, fantastic drivers such as the latest Z 785, their solid fairway woods are also under the spotlight. In 2021, they are planning to unveil the most advanced woods yet – the all-new Srixon ZX series. The line is said to be obsessed over two things: speed and distance, helping golfers focus energy through their new rebound frame technology. Now, if you’re looking for a real game-changer, this is it!  

The Real Deal with Rebound Frame Technology

Thanks to Srixon’s new Rebound Frame Technology, better speed and distance won’t stay a dreamy golf concept. The company’s engineers managed to get the big issue out of providing more ball speed from an already thin and flexible clubface. By alternating rigid and flexible zones, they maximized the energy to the ball at impact. And they didn’t stop there! They paired it with a Canon Sole System that provides ideal launch conditions you expect in a fairway wood. 

“Rebound frame represents the best energy transfer system we’ve ever designed,” said Jeff Brunski, Srixon’s Vice President of Research and Development. From the club’s center face to its rear, they successfully tuned its stiffness to put more energy into the ball. The technology also produces a rebound effect, which ultimately helps one to experience more maximum ball speed for more distance. Back then, the company was struggling, and their woods quite often flew under the radar. But with these advancements, they believe they can go toe-to-toe with the big golf giants. 

5 Key Innovations You Should Watch Out For With ZX Woods

The Srixon’s Z fairway wood may well be what your golf bag is missing. Boasting as much power off the deck as it does off the tee, you will love having it for your first game of the year. 

Benefit from the following innovations inside the new ZX woods:

Rebound Frame: Increased Ball Speed and Distance

Increased ball speed and distance on every strike, who wouldn’t love that? Srixon’s geniuses focused on putting more energy into golf balls – their cup of tea. The rebound frame isn’t just a new face, though, but a whole new construction method. Optimizing its two zones (the fairway’s face and its body) is also the company’s way of ensuring that your ZX wood’s design won’t be the same as others. 

Cannon Sole: Better Launch and Speed

To achieve optimal weighting and a faster face, Srixon makes use of the new Canon Sole feature. They positioned a weight pad behind the face and angled it forward like a real cannon. This technology gives skilled golfers an ideal launch condition.  

Lightweight Carbon Crown: Satisfying Sound & feel

ZX fairway’s carbon crown is considerably larger than Z F85’s. The 3W and 3W+ are identified to have a 15% larger carbon crown. More mass low can be positioned low, deep, and around the head’s perimeter, resulting in increased forgiveness and higher MOI. 

Crown Step: Optimized Launch and Increased MOI

Srixon, together with its sister company, Cleveland, has been playing with crown steps for years. The stepped crown moves the center of gravity down while increasing the overall MOI. It also gives extra launch alongside extra forgiveness and distance to achieve a great shot to shot consistency. 

Adjustability: Easy Variations & Adjustments

ZX5’s single weight port and ZX7’s two weight ports allow adjustment in swing weight and CG. On the other hand, the adjustable hosel provides face angle, loft, and lie variation. 

Besides all these powerful features, the sleek, classic finish of ZX Woods will amaze you. Team that with incredible performance, and it will be hard to resist changing your current wood to this. Make sure you are at the front of the line when this becomes available at JD’s Clubs. Stay tuned on our site and secure a great golf year! 

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