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Reach the Apex: Callaway’s Apex TCB Raw Irons
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Reach the Apex: Callaway’s Apex TCB Raw Irons

Smash your way to new heights Callaway’s all-new Apex TCB Raw Irons! Elevate your game with the latest addition to the Apex family of irons! 

Relentless Commitment To Be The Best

With an unwavering commitment to innovation, Apex TCB Irons are engineered to perfection. Unquestionably, its classic firm looks and revolutionary style make it the best. 

Handpicked By The Finest

John Rahm, Sam Burns, Xander Schauffelle, Marc Leishman – these are just some of the prominent names who have won the jackpot with a Callaway Apex TCB Iron in their bags. 

Apex TCB Irons

Finding the right set of irons to take you to the next level has never been this easy. The cutting-edge innovation of the Apex TCB makes it perfect for playing off low figures with its soft yet powerful feel that still produces impressive distance.

Specifically designed for tour players and elite golfers, the Callaway Apex TCB is the hottest iron today. But, make no mistake – Apex’s TCB is the best for amateurs and professionals alike.

· Extremely Soft Feel

It is said that only the top players are able to ‘feel’ the difference. But the truth is when you consistently hit the sweet spot, you notice!

Forged with a 1025 mild carbon steel body, the Callaway Apex TCB showcases superior Tensile and Yield strength, enabling you to exercise more control and achieve more accuracy from your irons.  

Moreover, its compact structure, firm grip, and tacky wrap present a comfortable texture that materializes in triumph. The shaft length is customizable to give the players a step ahead to producing extraordinary speed without costing control.

· Optimum Ball Flight and Control

There is no need to feel on edge with the right club in your hand. Strike the ball with perfection as the Callaway Apex TCB Irons make use of their internal and external metal-injected Tungsten weighting. 

In addition, the Pro model brandishes up to 90 grams per head, allowing positioning of the center of gravity with utmost precision. This increases accuracy and shot control. Plus, a high launch across the set paves the way for further forgiveness on bad shots. Likewise, it allows players to achieve greater distance with clean, heavy hits. The Apex TCB gives you the power to perform at a high-level day in and out.

· Precision Distance Control

Hit more greens in regulation and get a better chase for birdies with the state-of-the-art Precision Distance Control presented by the one and only Callaway Apex TCB. With Tour-Tuned Face Plates, it creates fast ball speed while promoting consistent spin rates across the face, providing the distance control that players want to see from their irons. 

· Tour Shaping and Design

Optimum loft, divine contours, and incredible blade length – these are just some of the brilliant physical features of the famed Callaway Apex TCB Iron. It’s irresistible! A straighter leading edge tops its sleek look with a thinner top line and a smoother hosel transition.  

Ace Your Way To Supremacy Using Callaway Apex TCB Irons

There is no time to waste! Grab one of the extraordinary Callaway Apex TCB Irons at JD’s Clubs – where custom means performance.

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