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Project X EvenFlow Shafts IN STOCK

Project X EvenFlow Shafts IN STOCK

Another great addition to our product line and are now available for sale here at JD’s Clubs: Project X EvenFlow shafts. These shafts come with stepless design, frequency matching and loading zone – unique features that optimize the flex distribution and energy transfer without sacrificing control, giving you a higher level of golfing performance.

Why EvenFlow?

What’s special about EvenFlow? Here’s how the manufacturer explains it:

“When you think of EvenFlow, think about it in terms of – This is a very unique bend profile all the way through. Traditional graphite shaft, let’s use HZRDUS as an example, is very stiff and kind of tapers down through the flex profile to the middle of the shaft and then stiffens significantly in the tip section. Whereas EvenFlow, from the very far end of the grip section all the way to the tip, that flex profile is very even all the way down. And so, when you think about that, think about that in terms of an even bend; hence, the name EvenFlow. A good way to think about it visually is think about a wave… when you think about how a wave… when that power is created in a wave and then it distributes as the wave breaks and the wave breaks evenly – that’s what you’re getting here. So when you load the shaft and when you release that energy, that energy is released in a very smooth transition into the ball. So, it’s really effortless power… and has a great feel.”

Available in two colors:

  • EvenFlow Black – Is a lower ball flight, lower spinning version
  • EvenFlow Blue – Mid-flight, mid-spin version

Both available in 65, 75, and 85 grams offerings in a multiple flex ranges.

Review from the golfing community

“Call them the “ying” to the HZRDUS “yang.” Project X’s new EvenFlow shafts were designed with a focus on feel, a departure from the design of the company’s successful HZRDUS shaft lineup that focused on stability and improving launch conditions.” ~ Golf WRX

The takeaways

  • Project X EvenFlow Shafts transfer load more efficiently throughout the swing to create maximum release of energy at impact
  • Energy flows smoothly while delivering superb distance
  • Makes a perfect complement to the HZRDUS lineup

Shop at JD’s Clubs

Buy only from an authorized and recognized distributor – JD’s Clubs is the way to go. You can process your order right at the comfort of your home, with just a few clicks. If you want to order online now, here’s our Project X EvenFlow shafts page.


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