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Optimize Your Performance, Maximize Your Game: Project X Smoke Green RDX Golf Shaft
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Optimize Your Performance, Maximize Your Game: Project X Smoke Green RDX Golf Shaft

Several low launch, low spin options are available in golf shafts, but THE Project X Smoke HZRDUS Green stands out. This shaft, commonly referred to as “The Hulk,” is a stronger variation of HZRDUS Core with a bit more spin and less feedback (and hard to miss color!). Players can adjust the weight distribution in this way to taste, and the club’s four distinct modulus carbon fibers optimize punch and feel.

Part of what makes the HZRDUS Green stand out is its materials. To use HexTow® carbon fibers, Project X has partnered with Hexcel®, a world leader in composites technology for aerospace and military applications. Hexcel’s HexTow® carbon fiber is the best aerospace-grade carbon fiber available, providing exceptional performance on some of the most cutting-edge aircraft (and clubs) in the world.

What’s Special About the Project X Smoke Green RDX Golf Shaft?

The stiffest, lowest  launching, lowest spinning variant in the HZRDUS RDX family is the Smoke Green RDX. The popular HZRDUS T1100’s successor, the RDX Green, uses four distinct modulus carbon fibers in its construction to enhance feel and performance. RDX Green has a counterbalanced construction that enables greater playing distances and the addition of mass to the club head to boost ball speed and MOI.


The Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green RDX is readily identified as a member of the initial family of Project X thanks to its key visual components. The midsection is heavily branded with the HZRDUS logo. Just beneath the grip is a hazardous plaque that lists the specifications of the shaft.  


The HZRDUS Smoke Green boasts the best smoothness and sense of stability of any HZRDUS Green. You can still get good load and energy release while swinging at a fast or slow tempo. The release at impact is a little less on slower swings, but the shaft has plenty of life. On every shot, you can accurately feel the rigidity of the tip and receive a solid response. The HZRDUS Smoke Green RDX is still one of tne of the more sturdy, stable shafts on the market. This is the shaft you need if you want one that can withstand your most forceful efforts.


The HZRDUS Smoke Green RDX is intended to have the family’s lowest spinning and launching speeds. The ball takes off the tee more like a sprint than a leap. This shaft is perfect for players who play in windy situations because of its dull flight path and low spin. HexTow carbon fibers are the primary improvement in this most recent iteration of HZRDUS Green. The shaft is incredibly sturdy with Project X’s innovative HexTow HM63 material, allowing you to pursue the ball easily. The spin rates won’t get out of control, and the launch will remain modest, allowing you to swing at your target.

Produce Good Shots From a Quality Golf Shaft

Fast Tempo

Which shaft will work best for you depends on your tempo, impacting how you load and unload the shaft. A player with an aggressive transition and a swift backswing will have a faster tempo than a player with a thoughtful transition and a longer backswing.

Low Trajectory

The ball’s flight and its highest point define its trajectory. A player who has trouble getting the ball airborne should search for a shaft with a higher trajectory. While a player who has trouble hitting the ball too high should go for a shaft with a lower trajectory.

Low Spin

The spin measures how much backspin the ball has. When choosing a shaft to improve your game, bear in mind that some golf shaft shapes can encourage more or less spin.


There are several reasons why golfers choose particular shafts. Some people desire to use a shaft that’s popular on the Tour, while others may have heard from a friend that a particular shaft is great. Just make sure to test a shaft before you take anybody’s word for it. After all, your swing is like your fingerprint, and what works for Tiger or the guy down the street may vary. 

The HZRDUS Smoke Green performs as promised by Project X: it can withstand the quickest, most abrasive swings and permits golfers to hit low-launching, low-spinning shots while still allowing a golfer to maintain control.  The Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green shaft is a good option if you want a shaft that allows you to take a powerful rip, launches low, and still carries. Now available at JD’s Clubs!

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