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October Release: Unveil the New Mizuno T22 Denim Copper Wedges with JD’s Clubs
featured image of the blog titled "October Release: Unveil the New Mizuno T22 Denim Copper Wedges with JD's Clubs"

October Release: Unveil the New Mizuno T22 Denim Copper Wedges with JD’s Clubs

Being a subset of the iron family, golf wedges have become valuable golf equipment through the years. Wedges are known to have the shortest shafts, highest lofts, and heaviest club heads among the irons, making way for “lob shots” to be possible. With this, wedges are not only the sexiest club but an essential tool in lowering your golf score. Mizuno will release the new T22 Denim Copper Wedges in October, and golfers can’t wait to grab one. The preview of this great wedge happens on the third practice day at Royal St. George. 

Sneak Peak on T22 Denim Copper Wedges 

The new muscle back design and denim copper finish stole the attention of players. Kevin Mitchell of Mizuno was one of the players who were able to experience the strike and feel of this wedge. He was able to witness its new muscle back design and do a closer inspection. Aside from its denim copper finish, the chrome and raw edition join the wedge on its reveal. 

Mizuno wedges lineup had been silent since they released ES21 last year. And looking back to 2019, they had T20, which is basically the inspiration of the new T22 Denim Copper Wedge with a twist and an upgrade. 

Since Mizuno’s T22 Wedges were basically T20’s upgrade, we expect the Hydroflow Micro Grooves pattern to shed moisture. The previous release was MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted Wedge in 2019 due to its spin retention in wet testing. 

Why Chose JD’s Clubs

Today, JD’s Clubs is considered one of the top most reputable custom golf club providers on the internet! But, it didn’t happen overnight. Ten years of experience in customizing golf clubs with precision and passion have paved the way for the success of JD’s Clubs. 

Quality Club Customization

Years of experience made JD’s clubs one of the USA’s reliable golf equipment and service providers. We live by our value “Where Custom Means Performance.” 

Luxurious Choices

JD’s Clubs is home to a luxurious number of choices of golf equipment from the best-selling brands. From shafts to drivers, to putters, even shaft customization, and many more. We have it all. Join us when we unveil the new Mizuno T22 denim copper wedges in October. 

Good Customer Service

We make sure our customers get quality equipment and services. We make it possible for our customers to track their orders and have access to the ETAs and the transaction flow. You can also join our newsletter so that you can be updated with our new releases and sales. 

Custom Means Performance

A golf club that is well-fitted gives you maximum technical advantages. Your dynamics, swing, and overall performance will be significantly affected when you have an ill-fitted club. If you still doubt your play, maybe it’s not you. Perhaps it’s your club. Get fitted now at JD’s Clubs. 

We Think You’ll Like the Changes

 We are only a few months away from getting Mizuno’s T22 Denim Copper Wedges in our hands. If you’re reading this, it’s a sign you need to upgrade your wedge with Mizuno T22. Available at JD’s Clubs in Mizuno T22 in Raw, Denim Copper, and Chrome. Let’s conquer the greens and shoot lower scores. Reach out to us or visit our website to learn more.

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