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Now at JD’s Clubs: Hitting Under Par with Diamana PD Series
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Now at JD’s Clubs: Hitting Under Par with Diamana PD Series

The greatest game can be played with your excellent skill and the correct golf equipment. It takes lots of practice to assess your approach in playing thoroughly. Finding the right equipment such as Diamana PD Series that suits you always helps, but it doesn’t always mean you have to empty your savings to get the equipment you want. If you are a newbie to golf, you should equip yourself first with knowledge and versatile equipment to secure you’re hitting under par.  

Getting golf gear that matches your skills and abilities gives you the confidence and the drive to master your concentration. It makes your mind and hand swing in harmony as you approach every shot. The power and trust that you give your golf swing leads to an excellent game. 

Is Diamana PD Series A Good Shaft For Me?

Diamana™ PD-Series is ideal for players seeking lower flight, stiffer tips while retaining maximum feel and responsiveness. It delivers the same performance that you’d expect from the Consistent Feel Design engineering approach it has. This shaft series from Mitsubishi strikes a better balance than any shaft released before. They are carefully made to minimize the variation in butt OD and weight or balance point through an entire shaft series. The goal is to remove any difference a player might feel as they hold a club, thereby removing any distraction when comparing different weights or flexes.

Consider a bespoke fitting session if you play a lot of golf. It will help you choose the appropriate clubs and may even enhance your game. The majority of golf stores provide bespoke fitting services. Online custom fitting guidelines are also available. Experiment with a variety of clubs to see which ones are the most comfortable for you.

Technology Features of Diamana PD Series

Mitsubishi expands its range of options to allow players to experience this series’ phenomenal feel and forgiveness. Here are the technical features that the Diamana PD series boasts. 

XLINK Tech Resin System

Mitsubishi Chemical’s XLINKTM Tech Resin System is a groundbreaking dual-phase application that uses epoxy and non-epoxy components to create a carbon-rich structure with a stronger resin-to-fiber connection. The cross-linked phases produce a prepreg with a high modulus and elongation strength, making it lighter and more robust.


MR70 is a novel carbon fiber material created by Mitsubishi Chemical specifically for high-performance applications. It is 20% stronger and has a 10% higher modulus than traditional composites.

Boron Fiber

Boron fiber is equivalent in stiffness to high modulus carbon fiber but with superior compression strength. As a result, it is often utilize for structural reinforcement, most notably in military applications. Mitsubishi Chemical uses Boron fiber with other proprietary materials to produce prepreg options that deliver unprecedented strength and stability.

Ion Plating 

Ion plating is a method that produces a complex, high-end finish that cannot be produce with a standard paint job. The shafts are place in a vacuum chamber, where chrome or silver alloy ions are fuse to the surface, resulting in a beautiful finish that is well worth the extra effort.

Available this Fall 2021 at JD’s Clubs

Fall is a beautiful time of the year, and the release of the Diamana PD Series adds more to the attractive color of the course. The seamless fitting can be found on this shaft with a more substantial and stiffer tip to promote a lower-launching ball flight. Who can resist? Get out and play the whole course before winter sets in. Reach out to JD’s Clubs and be the first to experience the consistent feel, versatility, and forgiveness of this golf gear. 

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