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Newest Addition To The Family, Mitsubishi Diamana GT-Series Now Here at JD’s Clubs
featured image of the blog titled "Newest Addition To The Family, Mitsubishi Diamana GT-Series Now Here at JD's Clubs"

Newest Addition To The Family, Mitsubishi Diamana GT-Series Now Here at JD’s Clubs

The Mitsubishi Diamana GT is the third installment in the 5th generation of one of the best-selling shafts in history. Among other advancements, the GT provides a super smooth feel that you can trust from shaft to shaft across the family thanks to Consistent Feel Design.

For this edition, Mitsubishi integrated several recent technology developments into an already established framework. Starting with the multiple-major winning 4th Generation Diamana ZF profile.

The revolutionary Xlink Tech Resin System is a new approach enabling Mitsubishi. It is to lower the resin content of the shaft for optimum feel while maintaining overall strength. The Diamana GT generates greater flexibility in the shaft’s middle while keeping a hard tip thanks to a stiffer butt section than its brothers, the Diamana TB and Diamana PD. 

The new Diamana GT uses Consistent Feel Design to reduce variation in butt OD, weight, and balance point across various weights and flexes. The purpose of this is to make the shafts feel the same as you move between different weights and flexes in a fitting environment. No doubt this will be appreciate by fitters all over the world.

Core Features Include:

  • The new Diamana GT introduces a profile that lies in between Diamana TB and Diamana PD, launching lower than TB and spinning more than PD.
  • Constructed to advance the 4th Generation Diamana ZF by incorporating the Xlink Tech Resin System and Consistent Feel Design into the currently used MR70 boron fiber framework.
  • Utilizes the Xlink Tech Resin System to reduce resin content for the greatest feel while producing a structure that is more stable, stronger, and carbon-rich.

Technology Behind The Mitsubishi Diamana GT

Xlink Tech Resin System

With its groundbreaking invention, Mitsubishi Chemical’s Xlink Tech Resin System creates a carbon-rich structure. It has a stronger binding between the resin and fiber through a novel, dual-phase application. A lighter, more robust prepreg results from the cross-linked phases’ high modulus and high elongation strength.

Consistent Feel Design

Consistent feel design is an engineering strategy that minimizes any difference in butt OD, weight, or balancing point over a whole shaft series. It was developed to make fitting easier. The objective is to eliminate any differences a player would detect when holding a club. It is also to eliminate any potential for confusion when contrasting various weights or flexes.

Mr70 Carbon Fiber 

Mitsubishi Chemical has developed MR70, a revolutionary new carbon fiber material that is 20% stronger. It has 10% more modulus than standard materials. It was created specifically for high-performance applications.


With better compression strength, boron fiber is stiffer than high modulus carbon fiber. As a result, Boron Fiber is frequently use to strengthen structures, particularly in military applications.

Ion Plating 

A complex, high-end finish is produce by the Ion Plating procedure that cannot be obtain by just painting. Hence, ions of chrome or silver alloy are fuse to the shaft after it is placed in a vacuum chamber. The method is expensive and time consuming, but the gorgeous result makes it worthwhile. 


Mitsubishi’s Diamana brand has always been solid, and this newest shaft provides exciting technological advancements that reinforce the series’s dominance. Purchase the Mitsubishi Diamana GT now here at JDs Clubs!

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