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Mizuno ST200 Drivers: The New Holy Grail of Golfers
featured image of the blog titled "Mizuno ST 200 Drivers: The New Holy Grail of Golfers"

Mizuno ST200 Drivers: The New Holy Grail of Golfers

Normally a brand that focuses on designing forged irons, Mizuno had a breakthrough year in 2019 when they unveiled the powerful, fast, and low spin ST190 drivers. It looks like 2020 is going to hold another big revelation. Mizuno aims to deliver a global team effort by creating another driver series — the Mizuno ST200 Drivers three new models. This new breed of drivers will go on sale this February. 

The ST200 line of drivers is a follow-up to the ST190 family and represents a new breed of Mizuno metalwoods. Mizuno engineers tweaked the head profiles of their previous drivers to make them faster and more forgiving. Each of the drivers in the ST200 lineup features exotic, beta-rich titanium (SAT 2041)– the same kind used in racing-bike gears. The new titanium alloy in the drivers’ face delivers more flexibility, springs back quicker after impact, and is 17 percent stronger than the titanium most commonly used in drivers. 

These drivers feature Wave Sole technology behind their faces for added speed on off-center hits, along with a 4-degree loft adjustable. 

What We Know about ST200 Drivers: How is it “Tour Ready, World Ready?”

The meaning behind the tagline of the new ST200 driver “Tour Ready, World Ready” is simple. Unlike other golf manufacturers, the design team of Mizuno focuses on creating drivers for the whole spectrum of golfers, from low-to-mid speed slicers who need some bias to high-speed, high-spin players on the Tour. 

“World ready” nods to the long journey of planning and designing these drivers. In recent years, Japanese markets have had separate product lines of drivers. This separation pushed their engineers to stretch their resources, budget, and time. Although their previous releases were tested and approved, it left both designers and engineers wondering if they could have done more. 

For the first time in history, engineers and designers in Japan, North America, Europe, and South Korea collaborated to make the most out of the ST190 series. The combination of Japan’s premium materials and impressive craftsman’s eye for playing profiles and US R&D teams’ expertise of working with Tour players paved the way for today’s ST200 drivers. 

Meet the New Breed of Drivers: Unveiling the Mizuno ST200 Models

The Mizuno ST200 driver will be available in three unique models – the ST200, the ST200G, and the ST200X drivers. What makes them different? 

Mizuno ST200 Driver

The ST200 driver is a forgiving, low-spin model that will suit many golfers. Mizuno tweaked its previous drivers by replacing the round weight of the ST200 drivers with a larger, trapezoidal version. These changes result in a higher MOI, low spin, and maximum forgiveness. If you are a golfer who needs straight line distance and predictability, the ST200 driver is your new friend. 

Mizuno ST200G

According to Mizuno, the lower-spinning ST200G is perfect for hard hitters. It features the same technologies as the standard ST200 – stronger titanium alloy face, Tour-ready shape, and sound at impact – but differs when it comes to adjustability. To increase its adjustability, Mizuno placed the weight on the back to generate more front-back movement. As a result, the ST200G has higher MOI compared to last year’s ST190 drivers. 

Mizuno ST200 X

In the past, Mizuno didn’t have a driver that catered to the needs of mid-to-low swingers. This driver is for every slicer out there. The ST200X is a contender for golfers who want to add some distance and speed to their games. It is an ultra-lightweight and anti-slice weighting driver that favors the total club package over head performance alone. While it is as forgiving as the standard ST200, the ST200X will only benefit players who launch too low for their ball speed or lose distance with a consistent fade.

Mizuno has once again unveiled an impressive creation that every golfer can appreciate. With the three new ST200 drivers, there is no doubt – Mizuno will maintain and grow the momentum from the ST190 series. The ST200, ST200G, and ST200X will be available on retail for $399, $499, and $399, respectively. Will Mizuno deliver another PGA Tour driver this year? Grab one of these metalwoods this February at JD’s Clubs, and tell us what you think!

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