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JD’s Clubs Product Features: Accra TZ Five and TZ Six
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JD’s Clubs Product Features: Accra TZ Five and TZ Six

ACCRA Golf takes pride in creating the best possible innovative products that concentrate primarily on custom club fitting. No other shaft company is more dedicated to the Professional Club Fitter. 

Innovation and research represent the traits of ACCRA: a company that embraces challenges of new technologies to create value. Since 2004, ACCRA has developed into a truly international enterprise while remaining rooted in the diverse national markets.

Their competitive strength is founded on technology, research capabilities, innovative concepts, and human resources’ professional skills. ACCRA’s constant attention to market requirements allows them to produce and market complex products of high quality and market to various international customer bases successfully.


At first, both the TZ Five and TZ Six look like a plain black shaft. But when you look closer, it’ll reveal its own unique visual op. Hence, the black has some dark sparkle that looks great under sunlight. What makes it unique is that you have to be closer to see it. The bands around the branding have a prism-like quality that makes the said graphics pop. 


The latest in the Tour Z lineup of shafts that revolutionized low launch and low spin flight while maintaining the “feel”. The TZ Five utilizes high modulus carbon fibers that are oriented strategically to launch and spin for the aggressive swinger or the golfer who wants to launch the ball lower. ACCRA’s Constant Flex Technology enabled the fitters to find the perfect tune and combination of weight and flex, with the option of being consistently stable. 

Now, it is available in new and lighter weights to better suit golfers of all levels. 


TZ Six is a revolutionary design combining a uniquely responsive. It is torsionally stable tip section that transitions into a firm butt section. Hence, this combination generates power without sacrificing stability and results in a higher initial launch that flattens due to the controlled spin rates.

TZ Six incorporates the same technologies and aerospace materials that drove TZ6 to become ACCRA’s most successful shaft. With the versatility to fit all levels of golfers, from the longest hitters on premiere tours worldwide to golfers playing a local muni on the weekend, TZ Six offers weight and flex options for discerning golfers of all levels.

Final Thoughts: 

ACCRA seems to be allergic to being flashy in the industry where style often rewards over substance. The model names are simple, as well as the graphics, it won’t scream like a maniac when you’re out there, and they just let their products do the talking for themselves. JD’s Clubs offer exceptional golf equipment and services, including fittings! Check out our website for more information.

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