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JD’s Clubs Feature: How can the Project X HZRDUS Green Shaft Improve your Game?
featured image of the blog titled "JD's Clubs Feature: How can the Project X HZRDUS Green Shaft improve your game?"

JD’s Clubs Feature: How can the Project X HZRDUS Green Shaft Improve your Game?

The Project X HZRDUS RDX family is an exceptional line of shafts that includes the smoke green RDX. This shaft is the stiffest and lowest launching and spinning model in its line. The RDX Green Shaft is the next generation of the famous HZRDUS T1100, with four distinct modulus carbon fibers to improve every golfer’s performance and feel.  

It features a counterbalanced design that allows for increased ball speed and higher MOI. They’ve partnered with Hexcel®, long regarded as a global pioneer in composite technology. Hexcel’s aerospace and military operations expertise fuels the cooperation, allowing project X to utilize HexTow® fibers. HexTow® carbon fiber from Hexcel is aerospace-grade carbon fiber of the highest quality, offering exceptional performance on some of the world’s most advanced aircraft– and clubs!

What Distinguishes the Smoke Green RDX Shaft?

Choosing a shaft can be one of the most important parts of designing a club- or a bag of clubs. Successful pros and weekenders alike choose shafts built for their unique swings. Is the Smoke Green RDX shaft the perfect one for you? Take a look:


Project X released two color selections for their second “Small Batch” offering. The first one has a Smoke gray base with neon green text for the HZRDUS and Smoke logos, as is the case with the rest of the Smoke series. The green Gamma PVD finish on the second color choice is a real eye-catcher. The unique holographic Small Batch logo and HZRDUS specifications graphic can be seen on both shafts.  


The Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green shaft feels robust and firm. It has defined stability, along with a good load and energy release. You can feel its firm response and precise tip stiffness when you swing.  


The HZRDUS Smoke Green is especially notable for its control and uniformity. Project X’s innovative HexTow HM63 fiber makes the shaft exceptionally stable, allowing you to focus on the ball. It will keep the launch low and the spin rates under control, allowing you to swing away at the pin. 

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