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JD’s Clubs Feature: Club Fitting for Custom Performance
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JD’s Clubs Feature: Club Fitting for Custom Performance

It is a common misconception that custom golf club fitting is only for professional golfers. With the right golf club fit, any golfer is going to perform closer to the top of his or her potential. Today’s technology makes customer fitting accessible to golfers at any level. 

You can custom fit your club’s lie and face angles, lofts, length, swing heights, and many other facets of a club. An experienced club fitter can help you find which specific options best suit your style of play.

Why Should Golfers Get Fitted?

Golfers always want to find consistency and stability when playing, and that is what custom fitting provides. Sometimes, we get the perfect fit by mixing and matching different sets of equipment. Then we practice with them and look for the best feel and trajectory. It takes some time to get it right, but not like it used to! 

Modern fittings are much easier and more efficient due to technology. You can easily measure, track, and record launch trajectories, swings, and ball flight. This helps you identify your weak points and make a way to overcome them. Also, the custom fitting allows you to purchase a club that is well suited to your swing mechanics.

The Process of Custom Club Fitting

Custom fitting is not an easy task, and only professionals can do them correctly. Hence, here is the detailed process of custom club fitting.  

Custom Golf Clubs Measurements

The process will start with getting your body measurements for the club. In club fitting, your height and hand-to-ground height are measure to match your golf club. Fitters will then examine your swing mechanics to assess which club works best for your style. You can also provide your handicap to train the swinging motion properly.

Flex and Grip Adjustments

This next step measures your swing through an electric launch monitor and radar machine. Players who measure faster swings often prefer wood and iron shaft flexes, while those with slower swings prefer wood and graphite shaft flex. 

Meanwhile, grips are adjusted depending on your golf glove size. The wrong measurement of grips leads to more friction and can mess up an otherwise perfect swing. 

The Right Golf Club 

The right golf club is the one you are most comfortable with. Fitters may recommend a standard golf club or a hybrid if that suits your game play better. 

Book a Golf Club Fitting today at JD’s Clubs

JD’s Clubs is considered one of the top custom golf club providers on the internet! With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, we are committed to delivering you great golf equipment from leading brands. Hence, feel free to contact us for a fitting, and we will recommend the best equipment based on your swing and body type.

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