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JD’s Club Product Feature: LA Golf DJ Signature Series
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JD’s Club Product Feature: LA Golf DJ Signature Series

LA Golf CEO Reed Dickens said: “We have two of the most important players of golf in my opinion.” “Bryson acts like one of our engineers and Dustin is a feel player. It’s a terrific combination to have.”  DJ (Dustin Johnson) is an investor in LA Golf and a member of the company’s board of directors. After playing the same shafts for over a decade, DJ is switching to LA Golf’s shafts such as LA Golf DJ Signature Series in pursuit of more distance and accuracy. 

The LA Golf DJ Signature Series shaft is very smooth. Mid launch with controlled, mid-spin. The sturdy tip section holds up to aggressive swings.


The LA Golf DJ Signature Series is an aesthetically pleasing shaft. It has a shiny base color of navy blue, and the white and silver LA Golf brand decals pop. The branding is the core of the design; aesthetically, there is nothing else on the shaft. 

When you look at the shaft, the DJ Series, weight, and flex markings are almost invisible, it was designed like this to have a distraction-free look when you install the shaft logo down. 

The DJ Series resembles the Bryson Series, but there are at least 3 notable differences. First of all, is the finish; the DJ Series has a glossy finish while the Bryson is matte. The second thing is Bryson’s shade of blue is slightly darker than the DJ’s. Third and final, the LAGP logo is red on the Bryson Series, while the DJ’s is white.


The DJ Signature series delivers consistent high club and ball speed, whether making controlled swings or standing on it. Despite the smooth feel, the tip section of the shaft is very solid. 

LA Golf promotes the DJ Signature Series as a mid-low launch and spin. It has a higher launch and speed than the Bryson Signature Series. It is controlled and predictable. 

The LA Golf DJ Signature Series shaft is available in three weight classes: 55, 65, and 75 grams. The 55 version is available in four different flexes; A, regular, stiff, and X. The 65 has no A to favor the availability of TX. And lastly, in the 76 grams, you can choose either stiff, X, or TX.

Final Thoughts About LA Golf DJ Signature Series: 

The LA Golf DJ Signature Series is a shaft that has broad appeal. It feels smooth without sacrificing stability, and the mid launch/mid spin performance will work for many players. And remember, a person’s swing can and will respond accordingly to a shaft, so it’s necessary to find the right fit for you. 

This lineup will bring a new perspective to the golf shaft business. 

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