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JD’s Club Product Feature: Cobra King Forged Tec Irons
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JD’s Club Product Feature: Cobra King Forged Tec Irons

The Cobra King Forged Tec Iron was design to inspire a better ball striking experience. It features a new 5-step forged body, face, and refined shaping. This iron delivers a truer feel all the forgiveness you need. It’s sexy, too. 

Players’ distance irons are known for the minimal offset and thinner lines. The Cobra King Forged Tec Iron is a beautiful players’ iron that gets some serious distance.

What’s new with Cobra King Forged Tec? 

Refined, Elegant Design

The Cobra King Forged Tec Iron delivers unrivaled ball-striking through a sleeker and refined shape featuring a thinner topline. It reduced offset that inspires precision and playability. It has a “blade” look but doesn’t have the typical visible cavity of most distance irons. 

Feel That Defies Every Expectation

Each iron is crafted from 1025 carbon steel and precision-forged 5 times to deliver a soft, player-preferred feel. The hollow body is fill with lightweight foam that enhances feel and feedback.

Its hollow design is the key to creating distance. The face needs to flex without caving in, and sound and feel need to be aid by the foam so it doesn’t ring at impact. Cobra pulled it off beautifully in these irons. 

Forgiving When You Need It To Be

Dynamic distance is unleash using a hollow body. A new, thinner PWRSHELL makes this a forged face wrapped around this club’s sole. It is creating a sweet spot that results in a high launch, forgiveness, and 20g of tungsten for added stability.

The tungsten is utilize to manipulate the CG to pull it towards the toe while keeping it low and behind the sweet spot. Using the said tungsten in these irons helps launch the ball high and straight. Because it has a minimal offset and there is some workability in these heads, you may not be going to hit massive hooks or slices with these, but you can manipulate the flight to move right or left and still hit the ball high to carry a full club longer or more.


With every purchase of a Cobra club, an Arcoss-enabled smart sensor is free to be equip into your set along with a free trial of the Arcoss Caddie app. 

With the help of these smart sensors and apps, you can harness the power of your shot data to help you make smarter decisions through in-round and post-round caddie advice. These analytics are more powerful than anything on Tour.


The Cobra King Forged Tec Irons fit a wide variety of golfers with their extra distance, ample forgiveness, and gorgeous looks. With its “blade” look, 1095 carbon steel body and hollow design, and the PWRSHELL, it really is worth the space in your bag. 

Get it now here at JD’s Clubs.

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