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JD’s Clubs is your exclusive dealer of Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV in October

JD’s Clubs is your exclusive dealer of Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV in October

In our previous post, we shared the news about Fujikura’s launching of a new shaft – the Speeder Evolution IV.

Now here’s how that thing gets more exciting…

If you heard some rumors that JD’s Clubs is going to be the exclusive dealer of Fujikura shaft, we confirm that it is true. As the month of October begins (yes, on Oct. 1st), you can get this shaft exclusively at JD’s Clubs. So watch out for Fujikura’s first wave of distribution and get your Speeder Evo IV only here at our store – before anyone else can have it.

To give you some idea of what you get with Speeder Evolution IV, here are some of the product details:


Based on Speeder EVOLUTION II design; low launch and spin. The Speeder Evolution IV has a slightly softer tip section, which promotes increased kick speed at impact for improved launch and distance. This is achieved using new, innovative technologies and engineering processes.


1. Full-length 3D printed Black/Silver gradient cosmetic
2. High-performance intermediate modulus material, Pyrofil MR70 for lightweight stability
3. Engineered and produced in Japan
4. Metal Composite Technology, enables us to add weight in key points in the shaft for improved balance, feel or kick speed
5. Maximum Carbon Fiber Content
6. Full Length 90 Ton Carbon Fiber – exceptionally expensive, thin and strong material to reduce weight while maintaining stability
7. Engineered Outer Bias Technology; By moving the bias layer in between the layers of straight-aligned material, it provides for a much smoother loading and feel of the shaft

Buy only at authorized distributors

As we say it here on JD’s Clubs, buy only from reputable and authorized distributors to ensure that you get authentic, top quality Fujikura Speeder Evolution shafts. You get top-notch quality service as well from duly-authorized dealers.

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For inquiries, contact us at (763) 458-4318 or email us at jd@jdsclubs.com.

P.S. Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV will be available throughout charter dealer network starting in November.

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