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Japanese Craftsmanship Now at JD’s Clubs: Kyoei Golf
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Japanese Craftsmanship Now at JD’s Clubs: Kyoei Golf

Tamaki Sakamoto started Kyoei Golf Equipment Manufacturing with his brother-in-law after noticing that customers from Tokyo would hand carry pre-payment and gifts to artisans to beg them to make golf clubs. 

Today, Tamaki sells the clubs as his brother-in-law grinds them. 

Tamaki Sakamoto once met a client in Nagoya, and they demanded “something extraordinary.”. Hence, he take this request home, and after some changes, the client, Akagi Golf, was in delight. 

Kyoei is known for their irons and wedges, such as:

KCM Heritage Blade Iron

The KCM is the name of a mold, one of the most famous molds Kyoei has produced in the modern era of golf. Hence, it has won countless victories on multiple tours across several brands.

The heritage series pays homage to the factory and the KCM mold itself. To name a specific model based on the mold is unheard of as most brands try their best to hide mold names from the public.

Kyoei Tour Wedge

Kyoei’s S15C forged Tour Wedge comes from a compact mold, brings a new polishing technique, and has a more traditional wedge’s sole grind. The new TOUR wedge is offer in new 50/54/58* lofts. The KYOEI TOUR is one piece with no internal weighting. Hence, it is 100% made and hand-ground in Japan.

The Kyoei Tour Wedge’s offset is minimal, reaching into onset on the 58*. Special attention was given to the shape and sole design for an ideal turf interaction in most conditions. All three lofts feature relief in both the heel and toe sides with an extra cut away at the leading edge. KYOEI did their best to make this wedge perform admirably for both diggers and sweepers.

Kyoei KK Heritage CB Iron

The Kyoei KK Heritage CB Iron has a simple classic design that still features some notable improvements. KYOEI has decided to continue the evolution of its original cavity but further improve it by using an all-new mold, new grind, and shape adjustments.

The KK Heritage features a very little offset, a thin topline with slightly heavier heads,  and lofts based on a 46° pitching wedge. It is design for the mid to low handicap player or even the professional golfer looking for a single-piece forged cavity design that produces amazing feel with excellent accuracy and workability.

 Kyoei KK RRC Wedge 

The KK wedge has the same aesthetic stamping as the original KK wedge, but the RRC comes from an entirely new mold. The KK Series Wedge utilizes a specially ground 5-cut sole design that helps all types of players make cleaner entry and exit from a wide variety of turf conditions.


Kyoei has been a fan favorite for its expert craftsmanship. Hence at JD’s Clubs, you can now enjoy that great Japanese Craftsmanship yourself!

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